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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
Chop-U_multi (Day time)

Chop-U_multi (Day time)

Auteur - Lineaxe
Date - 21.08.2020 01:55:47
Author: Lineaxe
Mission type:MP+SP/Training
Controllable:UH-1H/Mi-8Tv/SA342-GAZELLE/Ka-50 Blackshark II/A-10C/F18-lot B/Tanks
Chopper University (Ver  1.210417) Welcomes Helicopter Pilots of all levels!
Practice Slinging Cargo in Uh-1 at Al Dhafra (under attack) OR a nearby Training area | Practice Slinging Cargo in Mi-8Tv to Aircraft Carriers OR  to a field near Liwa | Daytime & nighttime versions| Missions for SA342 & KA-50 | ChopU has Air to Air & Air to Ground Missions for A-10C, A-10C II and F18's (Briefing has mission instructions) | Control tanks in Combined Arms (F10's Tank Icon) | MANY 2 player team Slots. Change SLOTS when you Die/Crash & change back to the same SLOT (or Practice on another Vehicle). Over 3000 lines of LUA (using MOOSE engine). Caveat: Needs to have MissionScripting.lua line uncommented (de-sanitize the OS). MODS used with Chop-U : UH-1H | Mi-8Tv | Gazelle | Blackshark II | A-10C & A10 II Warthogs | F18-C lot 20 | SuperCarrier | Combined Arms

CHOPPER UNIVERSITY (ChopU) Welcomes Helicopter Pilots that are of all skill levels  
***** (ME Current Version:1.210417) ADDED  MORE RANDOM ENEMY SHIPS,SUBS, TRUMAN CARRIER, HARDER COMMUNICATIONS, 2 Player Tanks for Mission Assignments & SCORING for Players now included ********

**  Update: Enemy forces are testing the strength of our units based at Al Dhafra Airport. All coalition aircraft in the vicinity need to be on Alert!  Also, take be advised that Inside of an Hour we expect heavier Air Traffic at Al Dhafra | Liwa  & our other Coalition Airbases. They will become prey to any enemy forces not repelled fr om the area. In short, if you are in that area you should either repel the enemy invaders from Al Dhafra or risk becoming another prey to them.                    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To Access your Score & stats you need to access them through Radio Communications. You will find an F10 option called <Other>. Clicking it will
bring up the Score related statistics for One or Both Players. Perhaps more, we haven't tried that yet!                        

Al Dhafra: TANKS  (HQ: Mission Assignment )
(a)  TANKU-24#001 & TANKU-32#001 were recently added to the mission. TANKU-24#001 is assigned to Pilot #24 & TANKU-32#001 is assigned to Pilot #32. These Tanks are Randomly selected from a List of Blue Tanks. I wrote it this way so that Players will get a chance to use several of the Tanks.  The main task of these tanks is to go to Mission HQ, located in the SE corner of the Al Dhafra airfield, so they can Receive Orders which will be issued to them. So far there are 10 of the following Mission Sorties below that are being selected from. Some of the Mission Sorties come with optional choices a, b, c, d, and so on, as seen in this briefing. Players may Pick which one of the Sorties that they want to fly from those choices available. And so the amount of Sorties That get assigned is larger than 10.  
(b)   Use these tanks to Transport Pilots from the Garage Hangers, located very near the tanks in the SW corner of the Al Dhafra airfield, to their next Aircraft, most of which are parked somewhere around the RadioTower found in the NE corner of the Al Dhafra airfield. Tanks can also help clear out Air threats over the Al Dhafra airfield and other ground-based attack missions.

Al Dhafra:  Uh-1 Huey(s)  
  A short respite in the constant fighting between forces has allowed us to covertly parachute badly needed shipments of weapons & medical supplies needed to construct another FARP outside of the  Al Dhafra Airport. Weather Conditions there tell us that a small dust storm is passing through the region. In this campaign, two Supply Soldiers are each equipped with Radio Beacons. One is Set to 40.50 FM  and emits the Morse Code Characters 'CHUM'   -.-.  ....  ..-  --   (short for CHop-U Mission). The Second Radio is  Set to  470 kHz AM. These soldiers have been dropped off to guard the above shipments. First, you will need to take the Water (which is found in the Barrels located near the UH-1's ) out to these Soldier's location. When you are inside of the Drop-off zone they will then Light Flares and Smoke to show wh ere you can drop down your cargo. The Drop off can be anywhere up to 400 meters fr om the Flares. Your UHF Radio Should be set TO:   252.90 UHF AM  so that you can listen for further communications fr om these Supply Soldiers. Also, note that if they do get killed (even run over by their own forces) so will their communications & thus It will be much harder to find the Huey's drop-off zone,  if it can even be found?
Note: Be very careful with the return Freight as some of it is fragile.
  TO locate these SOLDIERS: You need to find the direction towards them BY--  1) Use the solid Arrow on the ADF display (RADIO COMPASS INDICATOR) and make sure it keeps pointing towards the top of the dial  2) Use the line in the Display (COURSE DEVIATION INDICATOR) which is found just below the ADF display. Make sure that it points straight up and down. This display is being used by the FM beacon locator. Between both of these displays, you will get a good reference on the direction that the Supply soldiers are at. You need to let the display needles 'Settle' when you are flying,  especially if you are doing a lot of turning about in the Chopper. One of these displays may get damaged during an attack or hitting something with the chopper, You can still use the other display until you can get to a FARP or Airbase for repairs. Some of the FARPS may be under enemy Radar at the time you go to use one. So use caution and keep alert!
Return Flight: Use the outlined (not solid) Arrow on the ADF Display to return with your newly assigned load of cargo. It is lined up with the Al Dhafra Airport. When you get there you then drop it off at the TV Tower location on Map. Be Careful of the Tv Tower and note that it is a smaller Target area since the Airport is very busy & has little room to spare.  Note: If your outbound Cargo did not survive, chances are pretty good that you won't get assigned a return load.  ( I think they will just want you to return and park the chopper) **  for the moment, sometimes you will have to assign yourself a load while the ' Cargo Unhooked in Zone '  as code is being worked on, a difficult task I am finding out.

                 &  TUNE  RADIO  COMM CHANNEL to 252.90 UHF AM

                               USING YOUR VOR:
SET VHF AM NAV RADIO: Turn it on & Tune Frequency to 114.90 VHF

                             USING YOUR ADF & FM RADIO NAV:
SET FM NAV RADIO: Tune TO 40.50 FM  then Turn To Home (ing)
                  Turn the Volume button down if desired.
SET AM RADIO:     Tune TO 470  kHz AM, TURN ON your ADF, and then
                  SWITCH the ADF/VOR button over to ADF (above ADF display).

  FARPS 1 through 4  Communications: (Single Player Only until DCS bug fixes for multiplayer)
Check that the VHF radio is tuned to the correct FARP frequency (in the table of AM/FM frequencies -- included below). When approaching FARPS and outside of their LANDING zone you first Sel ect F10 (other) then Sel ect F2  which opens up the ATC for the  FARP(s). Now Sel ect  F1  to transmit a message to the FARP. The message is Active for 30 seconds, so if you are too far out of range you will need to issue another one. If you are inside the FARP Landing Zone's Perimeter the FARP cannot accept LANDING requests as you are too close to make the request.

                 AIR CADETS & SPACE CADETS
The Airport Landing zone surrounds the TV Tower and several CARGO loads are placed just outside of this Landing zone. These are for you to take into the landing zone so you can practice just Hooking Up & Un-Hooking your Cargo Loads. You can choose to either Hook Up in the Air or On the Ground. There are seven types of Cargo that a UH 1H can carry and you will find one of each. Make sure that you are Tuned to 252.9 UHF AM  (you won't need to set any other Radios up for the practice runs).  

Al Dhafra:  A10 WARTHOGS
(a)  There have been enemy tanks & air assets probing our strength spotted along our South Eastern Perimeter. Choose to fight off either, just protect our Perimeter (or die trying).
(b)  A10-II --The newer Warthog. Take Out Enemy Shipping with these newer A10(s) and then turn these beasts on the enemy Tanks, FARP & HQ Targets.

Al Dhafra: SA342 & Mi-8(s)
(a)  Several SA342 Gazelles were recently captured after our team sabotaged the enemy's Train tracks found far West of Dubai. Learn to use 3 types of these Helicopters that are found here to help the Airbase fight off Air & Ground Attacks. The Mi8's also found here are already equipped to do Ground attacks on enemy Tanks, but do feel free to sel ect your payload type.
(b)  Take a Mi8 over to Yas Island to watch or join in on the Races held there. One tank fr om each Side is at the Track and you may drive either of them.

Al Dhafra:  F18(s)  
   Read the above Briefing for A10 Warthogs first.
(a)   Our coalition is attempting to set up Early Warning Radar (EWR) several kilometers South of the Enemy forces. They are likely to try to take them down.  We need capable F18 pilots able to Intercept anything the enemy might throw at us.
(b)   Enemy forces are probing the strength of our defenses at Al Dhafra Airport. We have been constantly Harassed by the enemy. Any aircraft taking off or landing there do so at their own risk. The Airport needs to be defended fr om enemy Air Attacks.
(c)   Al Dhafra to Aircraft Carriers: F18(s) ** --Don't forget to set FLAPS. drop HOOK AND LANDING GEAR
  More Advanced ICLS training. Pilots may wish to hone their TACAN & ICLS skills by landing at one of the Carriers in our Fleet (found around FARP 5 --just West of Al Dhafra). The mission is to carry a small & very TOP SECRET CargoBox to one of these vessels. Turn on Comm1, Sel ect a free channel, and program it to 126.900 AM. As you taxi to Takeoff at Al Dhafra, it is on this Frequency that you will be assigned a Carrier to fly to. ** Some of these approaches to the Carrier may be under enemy Radar & Possible Harassment by the enemy **  If you are worried that the carrier assigned to you is too difficult to land on, that you may get attacked, or you just want to do a return trip, you can always  Reroute to another Carrier in the Fleet ( found near FARP 5 ). Check the Table below to find the Carrier that you can Reroute to. No one will even look sideways at you. Ok, with that established, now you can Turn on your TACAN and Get the Heading and Distance to your Assigned|Selected Carrier. Fly towards it until you get within 50 nm and then Contact the Carrier to receive info related to your final approach.  Use  Course the CSEL button to SET carrier's runway heading. That is you input the Final Approach Heading (carrier's runway heading) into CSEL by using the Course sel ect button and the numeric Keypad.
**Note: some Carriers may be under Patrol and will change their course at times. In this case, you will need to check (and recheck) the Final Approach heading (Via ATC) before the correct final approach on a moving Carrier can be safely obtained by contacting Carrier via the ATC.
  (ii) IF YOU WANT to do a RETURN TRIP:
      1) Refuel & REFIT F18 WITH the Litening POD & 4xGBU 10's. ATTACK Enemy shipping or FARP assets found near Al Dhafra.    
      2) Our underground intelligence has found out there is a Cement Factory, found just inside the Mountain Range which is North of our Airfield at Lavan  Island.  Consult MAP (F10) if needed. This Factory is a large source of revenue to the enemy. Destroy it. Refuel & ReArm at Island as needed. If needed, or for practice, tune your Radio to its frequency: VOR 116.85 Mhz AM LVN, and then use your ADF. Note that enemy Su-30's have been spotted Taking off fr om LAR Airbase. Reports say there are too many there to Take out, however, engage & kill one or two if needed to survive. Return to Carrier when the objective is completed.
(d)    Update: (Al Dhafra optional mission): We need a Test Pilot for flights using the ICLS/ILS systems recently installed at Both Havadarya ( TACAN 47X HDR  | CILS CH 1  TST | ILS 108.90 IBHD )   AND  Shiraz ( TACAN 94 SYZ1 | CILS  CH 2 | |ILS 109.90 ISYZ ). Pilots may choose an A18 warthog or an F18 for this mission.  F18(s) should read the ICLS section under Liwa for more mission information. Make your landing at either airbase and taxi to the "1" parking spot. Refer to the map, remember you will most likely cross through enemy territory and that you will be required to fly at reduced airspeeds at times during tests of the Land-based ICLS. Refueling along the way is a wise option. Good luck, you are an extremely Brave Pilot!!!  

COALITION AIRCRAFT CARRIERS:  VHF AM RADIO Settings ( ** Mi8-Tv's use 863 Radio )
VINSON:  130.9   | ROOSEVELT:  131.9  | LINCOLN:  132.9  | WASHINGTON: 133.9 |
STENNIS:  134.9 | TRUMAN: 135.9 | JUAN CARLOS: 136.9    |
          OTHER VHF AM RADIO SETTINGS FOR  CHOP-U Aircraft Communications
THE 5 FARP HELIPORTS:              1           2            3          4           5
VHF AM COMM RADIO:             121.9  |  122.9  |  123.9 |  124.9 | 125.9  
MUNITIONS DOCK:  126.9  | TICONDEROGA: 127.9  | OLIVER A:  128.9 | OLIVER B: 129.9 |
Lavan Island VOR:  116.85 Mhz AM LVN |  Liwa 128.55 Mhz AM LWA


CARRIER       | ID |TACAN |  ICLS      |        LANDING     |TAKEOFF      |      OTHER
Vinson        | C70 | CH 70 | NO ICLS  | has  wires         | DECK ONLY | Reroute: C72              
Roosevelt    | C71 | CH 71 |  11        | has wires          | CATAPULT    | under Patrol
Lincoln        | C72 | CH 72 |  12        | has wires          | CATAPULT    |
Washington | C73 | CH 73 |  13        | has wires          | CATAPULT    |
Stennis       | C74 | CH 74 |  14        | has wires           | MANUAL 'U' | under Patrol /Reroute: C73
Truman       | C75 | CH 75 |  15        | has  wires          | CATAPULT    | under Patrol            
Juan Carlos  | C61 | CH 61 |  16        | **no wires *hard | DECK ONLY  | Reroute: C71  
            Refueling at the KC 130 Tanker
KC130 TANKER     |(TNK)|  13 | UHF AM 251.90
   * Tip: Always Keep an eye on the KC 135 refueling pod's Green (blinking) light instead of the hanging Basket *

Liwa: F18(s)  
  (a) Support Al Dhafra by bombing away at the enemy Ground & Ship Assets --(the enemy Carrier is considered a lower priority Target than any enemy Frigates, Corvettes, and destroyers).  Also, keep your eye out for incoming enemies Air and,  if you can, help defend the Early Warning Radar ( EWR ) network stations that are found around Liwa fr om them.  
  (b) Help the Helicopters stationed at FARP 5 take out the enemy in the  TEST RANGE found near our Carrier Fleet. Take out Air Targets & Land Targets, especially the Tanks Found at their FARP located in that vicinity. Land and Refuel/Rearm at the Stennis or the Roosevelt Carrier. Now Park, Shutdown & Restart F18, and then Takeoff via Carrier's catapult (final destination is Al Dhafra). When you fly this mission you may decide to choose one of the other Carriers to Land at... If so, assign your TACAN ICLS and Radio to the ones which are designated to each Carrier.
  (c) Joint (2 player) mission: One player searches for an enemy Target at either location and Fires Laser (lases them) so the other player can lock on Target so they can Attack it with laser-guided weaponry.
  (d) (for this one the Beacon.lua file needs to be the new copy) ICLS stations recently added at two of our Coalition airfields to Train our F18 pilots in the use of  CILS --Carrier ILS (on a non-moving platform) at these 2 Airfields -  Havadarya ( TACAN 47X HDR  | ICLS  CH 1  TST | ILS 108.90 IBHD )    AND   Shiraz ( TACAN 94 SYZ1 | ICLS  CH 2 | |ILS 109.90 ISYZ ).
--Procedure for using TACAN:
  Turn on your TACAN and input the Carriers Station. Now Turn on the Course Sel ect button and hold it on until <CSEL> Turns on the Display. Using the number keypad you input the Runway heading of the Airfield or Carrier you selected. To start a final approach, just keep flying until you intercept the TACAN's radial Line at 90 degrees and then follow along with it until around 20 nm fr om the destination. When you get there adjust your altitude to about 3000 Ft and your airspeed to somewhat above 280 knots. Next, Lower your FLAPS & Drop your GEAR and your HOOK. On some Carriers notice now that ONE of these 3 symbols will be lit up  " n   0   v " , wh ere: |  n = TOO  LOW  |  0 = GOOD  |  v = TOO HIGH |  . Switch ON the ICLS. Keep in mind that it won't be effective until around 10nm when a long vertical line (localizer) will appear. Adjust your path to it, keeping your Airspeed to around 175 to 190 knots, angle of attack to around 8 degrees, and your Altitude dropping down fr om the 3000 Ft range. Also, it is recommended to always try to keep inside the center of the E symbol on the Hud (which shows up when your gear is down).  At around 6.5 nm ( Nautical miles ) another horizontal line will appear as well --this is the glide slope line. Adjust your Altitude according to whether you are above or below the line. You should soon see your Runway and can Visually fly your F18 to it as well.  In short, you need to check VISUALLY AND using the TACAN to make sure you are not too far left or right of Runway. Note: some Carriers will offer FLOLS  'meatball' landing assistance as well. In this case, if you cannot see the ball you can respond with 'Clara' to the ATC and the LSO will help guide you onto the deck of the carrier. Refuel at any coalition Airfields or the TANKER based west of Sirri Island as the need arises.

Important: Note that TACAN may lose & re-acquire the signal during long Flights at times. ALSO-- If you ever find that the distance on the Display freezes you just turn the TACAN On & Off a couple of times until it resets itself & updates to the proper display (this type of bug is covered in Ed forums).

Liwa Airbase:  Mi8-Tv(s)  
Our forces have managed to 'find'  several Russian-made Mi8-Tv(s). We need some brave Pilots to test out the Choppers' capabilities & find out why they are favored in so many countries throughout the world. Pick up the Cargo Sling Loads found the small city just outside (West) of Liwa Airbase & Transport them to the small Town Cluster found several kilometers due west of Liwa Airbase. In the Town Cluster, there are a few fields already filled with Cargo Loads. Drop off your load into the large Circular field found there and then pick up a return load. This load is to be returned to the small city & dropped off on top of the Large Grey Building inside. Caution: Some of these loads found there may be TOO heavy for you or your chopper to handle & Don't hesitate to use your map if needed.

FARP5:  Uh-1 Huey(s)  
  Medics & equipment desperately needed on the following coalition vessels:
  |  i)  Ticonderoga      ii)  Oliver A        iii)  Oliver B  |       
                          **Both A & B are both Oliver Hazzard Perry Class Destroyers.
Setup your Radio to Correct freq of the Munitions Dock & report there to have one of these Ships assigned to you. You Communicate to the ship via the ATC commands (F5) so that you can get your distance and a heading towards it. You may also request a heading check at any time during your flight. When you get close enough, just put your Chopper lightly down on the ship's Helipad.  Bon Voyage!!

FARP5:  Mi8Tv(s)  
  We have managed to bring a fleet of 6 carriers into the range of the Battlezone. They have requested that we send shipments of oil tanks & other crates fr om the Munitions Factory's shipping Dock out to our Fleet of Carriers. You need to set the Mi8Tv's Radio (the 863) to 126.9 Mhz AM in order to find out which of the destination Carriers will get assigned to you. Use the <LEFT><ALT> and the A, Z, X, D keys to adjust the range. WARNING: These Munitions Warehouses were captured fr om enemy forces & then converted into a temporary Dock. Our Engineers now tell us that their structural beams have been weakened from frequent helicopter landings. So, Please land as Gently as possible... (This Dock is good practice for later landing the  Chopper on a Carrier's deck). Once you are on the Dock,  and after you get your Orders, you now set the  Mi8Tv(s) R-863 Radio, (which is found in its center console) to the Carrier's Frequency -- found in the Table below. Now you pick up your assigned Sling Load and make contact with the Carrier assigned. You will receive your ADF directions and distance towards the Aircraft Carrier. Remember, you can get a heading check  (F2)  at any time during your flight.  After unhooking your load on your selected Carrier, you can just Land the Mi8Tv there as well (use wheel chocks). Our mechanics want to tear a few down to see what makes them tick... Good luck to you, MEDICS!  
  --optionally refuel (& repair if needed) at the Carrier. Return to Munitions Dock at FARP 5 carrying covert instructions for the commander there & then get assigned to another load (to be taken to one of the carriers in our Fleet).
-- Note: there is just enough room to spin around on the Munitions Dock -- if you back up a bit that is. Also, you may need outside assistance while doing so. (looking around from outside view)

FARP5:  BlackShark II(s) , Mi8Tv(s)   &  Gazelle Minstrel(s)
a) BlackShark II(s) & Gazelle Minstrels at FARP 5 are used for taking out both Air to Air & Air to Ground enemy Targets at the  PRACTICE TARGET RANGE found south of FARP 5. Use combinations of these Helicopters and the Mi8Tv(s) to do both of these tasks.
b) Some of the new Uh 1 Huey Pilots are hesitant to take their medical staff & supplies to their assigned ships. Report to the Munitions Dock and take over their orders.    ***see Uh-1 Huey orders above.

*** While waiting in repair mode you can check out all the other game action going on at the time. I do use the ' auto-shutdown' & ' auto startup' as each of these operations is complex and has to be learned for each of the Aircraft under repair. I may one day learn to get good enough to do it that way!

TIRES ON ROOF? This feature was created so you can choose, at the Game Start, to add in more difficulty to some of the missions above. To use:  It is Triggered by the  UH-1's found nearby & is Only active for the first 30 seconds of the game. (Doubles up the Cargo on the  Munitions dock, enemy patrol zones at Al Dhafra also move in closer, potentially adds in more of the deadlier enemy tanks that surround Al Dhafra & at the Practice Range)

Campaign (code under construction):  In the first 60 seconds Flying anything around OilPlatform1 will switch mission from daylight to Nighttime.

I like to fly night missions and play daylight ones with a Buddy  (see my post in Ed forums If you do want to add in the 'CILS beacons' for one of the F18 missions)
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