"The Bomb Maker" Non-Supercarrier Version

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

"The Bomb Maker" Non-Supercarrier Version

Auteur - Mogs
Date - 18.06.2020 06:52:10

“The Bomb Maker”
Non-Supercarrier Version
5 June 2020, 04:50

Intelligence sources have revealed an enemy compound believed to be a bomb making site in south-west Bandar-e Lengen. A number of insurgents have been observed accessing the compound including a positive ID on Saudi bomb maker “Amhed Al-Dakheel”, with known links to Al Qaeda.

A special operation has been planned to neutralize the compound and its occupants. Civilian casualties in Bandar-e Lengen must be avoided.

Take off time: 05:00

BRC: 360-degrees
QNH: 29.92 inHg
ICLS: 11

COMM Frequencies:
1 - Carrier: 127.50 TACAN 71X - ICLS 11 - BRC360 or advised.
2 - E2-D AWACS: 251.00
3  - KC-135MPRS Tanker: 252.00 - TACAN 3X
4 -  Predator AFAC MQ-1A Predator : 133.00


June 1: 2 F/A-18C Hornet Flight groups Pontiac and Enfield will conduct a flight to neutralize an enemy compound and enemy bomb makers at the site.

A Forward Air Controller (AFAC) (callsign Dodge) will provide operational command and control.

Take off from CVN-74 John.C. Stennis. Maintain cruise altitude flight profile with the aid of night-vision goggles. Ingress into area of operation from the south-east and navigate to the Holding Point (Waypoint 2). Hold your position at the holding point and correlate with AFAC. Wait for further instructions from Command. The code word to start the operation will be “Summertime”.

Landing will be at CVN-74 John C. Stennis. for a Case I recovery.

Enemy AAA and MANPAD threats are possible in the combat area.
The flight plan and target coordinates have been loaded onto the datalink of both flights.
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