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Bunny's PDF Controller Layouts

Bunny's PDF Controller Layouts

Type - Document
Auteur - BunnyClark
Date - 23.05.2020 04:36:10
Form-Fill PDF layout documents for a number of flight controllers.

For years I've been drawing PDF controller layouts to help me plan and remember my button mapping for various games and DCS modules. I've now built up a decent collection, started drawing some for friends, and thought others might get some use out of them as well. Each one is a form-fillable PDF, with each button box being able to fit three lines of text.

Right now the collection includes:

-Warthog Stick
-Warthog Throttle
-Cougar Stick
-Cougar Throttle
-Cougar MFD (Map and cut-out Insert)
-Hornet Stick

-T-50CM Throttle

CH Products:
-Pro Throttle

-X56 Stick
-X56 Throttle

-SCG Premium-R
-SCG Premium-L
-Gladiator-K Base

Forum thread with more photos: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=274705

If you have a controller you'd like a layout for and I haven't drawn, let me know in that thread or by PM and I'd be happy to draw one for you. Details of what I need can be found in the forums.

Update 06-02-2020:
Added flourishes to indicate actions that will hold user input, such as latching switches, toggles, and axes without a spring center.
Fixed an image display issue with the X-56 throttle.
Added more detail to T-50CM Throttle drawings.

Update 08-04-2020:
Added VKB Gladiator-K and 4 different versions of the Space Combat Grip (premium and base, right and left hand versions of each)
Added two drawings for the Cougar MFDs; one button map in the same style as the controller layouts, and a printable one that can be cut out and inserted in to the MFD.

Update 01-06-2021:
Added Warthog Throttle and Hornet Stick
Both of these were made based on internet photos without any help from someone who owns one, so they may not be as correct as the others. If you spot any problems, let me know.
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