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AJS-37 Viggen
X52 non pro Profile

X52 non pro Profile

Auteur - JG300_Papaye
Date - 13.05.2020 06:36
This is a Update of the first X52 profile

This is a update of the X52 non pro profile of windu65 (i'm windu65).

The profile is in Frenglish... I use both...
It's user frendly for me, but if you have any remarks fell free to ask.
For the radar mode ther is 3 mode with the trigger
first detent = T1
second detent = TV
and released = T0

I will share my keyboard profile in accordance of this profile
\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\AJS37\keyboard
and load in the control option in the game
Don't hesitated to post remarks or comments

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