JF-17 Profile for T.16000M HOTAS v1.0

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JF-17 Profile for T.16000M HOTAS v1.0

JF-17 Profile for T.16000M HOTAS v1.0

Auteur - KappinHook
Date - 20.12.2019 01:40
This profile was designed in a way that keeps your hands off the keyboard and on the HOTAS in a well thought out manner. The profile has went through many testing cycles and this is the final version. I can assure you can take off, conduct a sortie and land without resorting to your keyboard. Please have a look at the attached configuration sheet.

This profile is designed for use with Oculus Rift S. The TFRP Pedals I do not own, so I have incorporated brake and rudder functions into the control stick. Before importing the profile, create the throttle pinky button as a modifier. Expect updates as the aircraft matures. The TDC slew control is located in the Special Options.

On the configuration sheet, the * represents a keybind that is required to use the pinky modifier. This profile uses the closest configuration possible to my F/A-18C Hornet profile: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305744

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