"First Flight" from Ace Combat 5

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DCS World 2.5
F-5E Tiger
"First Flight" from Ace Combat 5

"First Flight" from Ace Combat 5

Auteur - soraus
Date - 01.11.2019 11:50
A SP/MP base defense mission based on the "First Flight" mission from Ace Combat 5. Available aircraft: F-5, F/A18C, AV-8, F-14B and M-2000.

Includes 40+ audio voice clips.

This is a not so serious mission is based off of the First Flight mission in Ace Combat 5. Immortality, infinite weapons, and infinite fuel, are activated for an arcade feel.

For this mission a modified labels lua is built in changing the colors of enemies to green and allies to blue. The font size was decreased for better viewing in VR, however the font may be small for nonVR users.

All audio for the mission is transmitted on 300MHz AM. All aircraft are hot started and preset to the frequency. However, the AV-8 requires you to sel ect channel 1 in order to hear broadcasts.

Note: There is nothing time sensitive prior to taxi. You can take as much time configuring your aircraft as needed.

Video of a play through if the mission: https://youtu.be/ukYXydjViiY

Skins used:

F-5E Tiger II Osean Air Defense Force Wardog Squadron Skin (ALL) Fr om Ace Combat 5 by NakamuraKanako

Ace Combat - Razgriz Air Command Squadron F/A-18C Hornet by _BillyTheKid_

Known bug:
If the runway is damaged (typically a plane shot down crashes into the runway) at any time prior to Grimm taking off, then the mission will have to be restarted as the AI will refuse to taxi or takeoff. The second half of the mission is triggered by Grimm taking off. So if you see Pops or Grimm stop taxiing, then the mission broke. Luckily the frequency is uncommon at best.
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