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DCS World 2.5


Type - Utilitaire
Auteur - Kariyann71
Date - 28.10.2019 08:15
DCLeap allows you to control your mouse cursor and perform commands with VR head mounted LeapMotion.

This is the first version of this project, consider it as an early alpha.
First of all be sure to have installed :
- https://github.com/cbuchner1/driver_leap
- https://github.com/SDraw/driver_leap

Just open the 7zip file, uncompress the archive where you want and launch DCLeap.exe.
You will show the main menu, and first of all you need to enter the width and height resolution of one of your HMD screen (WMR 1440*1440 - Oculus Rift 1080*1200 - etc...).
Then press the Save Settings button, it is needed to register your resolution in the registry. DCLeap will use these registry keys.
After you can check the help menu to understand the basic gestures.
Click Start to start the application, after that remember to Alt Tab to get DCS window on top of the screen.
You will see 2 colored cubes on top of your HMD device screen, extend all fingers of one hand and face the palm in front of you to disable this hand and control the cursor with the other hand.
You can access the main menu to pause or quit by pressing ESCAPE on your keyboard (after Alt Tab to get back DCLeap window on foreground).

Known issue :
If you change a toggle in the options, you will need to inform new resolutions before saving, otherwise your changes will not be taken into account (will be corrected in the future).
  • Licence: Freeware - Version gratuite. Ne pas redistribuer
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