DCS: SimCopter [UH-1H, SA-342 or Mi-8MTV2/PG]

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DCS World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
DCS: SimCopter [UH-1H, SA-342 or Mi-8MTV2/PG]

DCS: SimCopter [UH-1H, SA-342 or Mi-8MTV2/PG]

Type - Mission solo
Auteur - forestrat
Date - 11.08.2019 01:14
Assume the role of a freelance helicopter pilot as you're randomly tasked with various missions in the city of Dubai.

This mission requires the installation of mods, but don't worry it's very easy.
You can see how to install them at the end of the trailer here:

You can download all of the mods compressed in .RAR format here:

Thanks to Upuaut, GrinnelliDesigns, Kregred & VIRPIL, and Joe_Rowe for making these mods happen.


This mission includes audio recordings that some individuals may find disturbing.  Pilot discretion is advised.

Every time you spawn a helicopter the mission will tune your UHF and ADF radios automatically.  Both of these radios must be tuned properly for mission audio & navigation.  You might need to be airborne to pick up the signal for 'Hot Pursuit'.

If you decide to listen to music, I suggest you bind the volume knob for your radios so you can easily adjust its volume.  This radio channel is also used for certain missions so it's best not to mute it.

If you're playing this mission online the client radios will NOT tune automatically.  If you need help tuning your radios check the briefing pictures.

To start a mission you'll need to access the communication menu by pressing "\" then navigate to the 'F10 Other' menu.  Fr om this menu you'll be able to start and skip missions, as well as music.

Use the 'Helmet' audio slider to adjust mission audio.  If it's still too quiet you can turn down 'In Cockpit' & 'World' audio.

There are 7 missions total and they're all very different, though I suppose they're all just takeoff/landing practice so they're all the same.  Hmm.

After you land, the mission will only progress if you're in the proper zone AND your collective/throttle is all the way down (zeroed).

If you crash, grab a fresh chopper and continue with the mission wh ere you left off.
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