DCS F-18C VoiceAttack by Bailey v2.2

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DCS: World
F/A-18C Hornet

DCS F-18C VoiceAttack by Bailey v2.2

Type - Profils
Uploadé par - Baileywa
Date - 24.12.2018 15:43:35
Updated to Version 2.2 on 27DEC2020

Let the guy in the backseat tune the radios for you! Wait, there's no backseat? There is now! (Virtually speaking). Anyway, this VoiceAttack profile provides hands free radio tuning and some extra goodies! This VoiceAttack profile is no longer just for the radios. Enjoy hands free DDI manipulation and cockpit switchology.

-New* -Call up any DDI page on any DDI
-New* -Every single keybind for the DCS F18 is included in this VoiceAttack profile

Check the Version Notes for details.
How to install and a little demo - https://youtu.be/D3ZckIkMIS8
Here is an older demo of what you can do - https://youtu.be/bVN3VBW1NrA
And here is a demo of the Kneeboard Voice Commands - https://youtu.be/OW3THxSPCLc
*May not be compatible with VAICOM PRO. Mileage may vary*

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

This Voice Attack profile will enable you to command both radios on the DCS F18 Hornet. In addition of what you read above, you can:
-NOT listen to "Robo" Sam. Check it out. The New Guy is new, but more tolerable
-Talk to Chief for Ground Power, Ground Air, Repairs, Rearm and Refuel, etc
-Use the Radio menus: Comm 1, Comm 2, and Ground Comms
-Use the ‘F’ keys (Function Keys)
-Tune a specific channel
-Tune a specific frequency
-Tune the tower of any airfield
-Tune the Tacan of any airfield (with a Tacan of course!)
-Ask what runways are at an airfield
-Ask for airport GPS coordinates
-Ask for RWR contact info
-Jettison command logic
-Kneeboard Voice Commands
-ICLS Channel Commands
-Tacan Channel Commands
-Coordinate Converter

Confused? There is a good(TM) READMEE in the download. Excited? Yes! That's what I like to hear!

Let me know of there are any mistakes, anywhere.
I really value any input you may have on this project. Anything from "It doesn't work", to "The voices are too loud in my head.", to "I would like X feature!". Oh, and a "Thanks!" will do to! *I don't use ViaCom. For those that do, I'd still appreciate your input! This VoiceAttack is only optimized for the Caucasus Map at the moment. If you'd like to help out with the other maps, let me know!

I hope we can make this VoiceAttack profile better as time goes on. Tell your friends!
Mix and match with your other favorite DCS F18 Hornet VoiceAttack Profiles!
~Bailey DEC2020

Version notes:

V1.01 - V1.062:

-Added cockpit keybinds
-Added custom commands
-Added DDI and UFC commands
-Made profile a .vax file which automatically includes the sound files
-Updated READMEE
-Adjusted/Fixed DDI commands
-Changed “canopy close” command to match switch operation
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