F/A-18C Harbor Strike/Anti-shipping Mission (Rev. A)

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F/A-18C Hornet
F/A-18C Harbor Strike/Anti-shipping Mission (Rev. A)

F/A-18C Harbor Strike/Anti-shipping Mission (Rev. A)

Type - Mission solo
Auteur - Speedbrake
Date - 21.12.2018 09:30
Your mission if you choose to accept is to destroy Batumi Harbor defenses and then after rearming, return to destroy enemy shipping. (Revised version)

This mission requires the "3-Ship USS Arleigh Burke Class" mod by Markindel (1-26-16 version, includes the USS_Cole) which can be downloaded from DCS Downloads>user files.  Add the folder to the "saved games/DCS openbeta/mods/tech" folder and/or “saved games/DCS/mods/tech” folder depending on which simulation you are using.

Time: 1630
Location: CVN-74 Stennis off Batumi
Task: Destroy tanker ships in Batumi Harbor

Stennis Tacan CH 55X,   ICLS CH 11
Stennis Heading: 200 degrees

Reports indicate that three oil tankers have entered Batumi Harbor to off-load fuel to the enemy. Takeoff fr om the Stennis and fly via waypoints to Batumi Harbor wh ere you are to attack and destroy harbor AAA sites. Return to ship to rearm with MK-82S and return to destroy as many tanker ships as you can.

Contact AFAC "Enfield" for laser targeting prior to IP
WPN #2: IP
WPN #3: Target area.

Target aerial photos indicate harbor air defense (Shika  ZSU-23-4) positions at three locations around the harbor.

Return to the Stennis and land.
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