Ozone's Dynamic Caucasus 1.2

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DCS World 2.5
Ozone's Dynamic Caucasus 1.2

Ozone's Dynamic Caucasus 1.2

Auteur - Ozone1
Date - 09.10.2018 07:15
***This update allows a selection of friendly aircraft to spawn at any captured airbase and will deactivate the previous owner's aircraft at that base. It will also initially spawn a friendly transport that will deliver some AA to the newly captured airfield. A few other issues also resolved and added oil rigs and gas platforms along the coast. No changes to scripts, so no need to bother if you had the previous version. Unfortunately, the initial loading time is quite long, but it smooths out once you're in and have loaded your first aircraft.***

A fictional dynamic multiplayer mission for the Caucasus. Can also be played single player if you have a decent system.
All flyable DCS aircraft included. (CTLD & JTAC scripts included)
Unzip & check the "Read Me" for installation instructions.

Livery Pack: Just unzip, then drop & drag or use JSGME. Overwrite any duplicates (Some LUA's updated)


Tensions between Russia and it's former Soviet satellite state of Georgia have once again begun to heat up after the Georgian government allowed Nato forces unfettered access to three airbases in the region, as well as Tbilisi International. The Kremlin has stated that they will not abide Nato forces permanently deployed on their doorstep, alluding to the coveting of black sea oil and gas by the US and her partners. They are currently posturing for an invasion through Abkhazia and South Ossetia if they do not get assurances that Nato forces will withdraw from Georgian territory soon.

Nato has since stated that they will not be threatened by Russia and have vowed to stay put in the region, calling the Kremlin's accusations unfounded and affirming that what Georgia does on its own sovereign territory is no concern of theirs.

Both sides have since started increasing troop numbers at the borders, with the Russians reportedly sending several armoured divisions into Abkhazia and South Ossetia as a show of force. Aircraft in the region have also been placed on high alert and it is believed that the Russian air force is preparing to send several more fighter squadrons to airbases along its southern border in order to bolster its air defence capabilities and counter the threat posed by the western allies.

Whether the situation will develop into a full-blown conflict or the politicians will be able to resolve the crisis with a diplomatic solution, only time will tell.
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