The Morning Fog

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DCS World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
The Morning Fog

The Morning Fog

Type - Mission solo
Auteur - daemonicus
Date - 06.08.2018 04:46
This mission is taken from a work in progress, single player F/A-18C Hornet campaign, titled "Far From North". You can find more information about this project over here:

Please note that this is a trigger based mission that requires you to navigate and operate in a fairly precise manner and also requires you to land and taxi your aircraft back to your starting point for a mission success. Mission contains voice-overs and F10 menu options. Make sure you have "Hear like in Helmet" setting enabled for realistic experience.

V1.1 - 2018/07/31
- fixed some altitudes and added some flag-related settings
- added new audio
- other minor tweaks and adjustments

Allied UH-1 helicopter was lost behind Turkey border approximately one hour ago. Being the closest airbase, we have promised to assist by organising the SAR. You will conduct a low level CAP before the SAR helo will proceed and will be briefed on mission start by Magic.

- locate the crash site
- report to Magic and wait for further instructions
- secure the route for SAR helo
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