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A-10C Warthog

A-10C SEAD Training

Auteur - IAF.AssafB
Date - 17.10.2016 22:20:18
Practice against various SAM / AAA threats with an A-10C.
This training can be used either as a single/multiplayer

This training mission allows A-10C's pilots practicing how to locate, engage and destroy various Eastern-bloc anti-air threats (both SAM and AAA).
The mission has two separate training zones.
* Zone-Alpha: is the training zone for radar-guided SAM's: SA-3, SA-6, SA-8, SA-10, SA-11, SA-15 and SA-19.
* Zone-Bravo is for AAA as well as for IR-guided SAM's : Shilkas, ZSU-23 emplacements, and SA-13
* For each of the above zones, the red area specified in the briefing map indicate where the threat is likely to appear.
* The training leader (who has to occupy the "LEAD_A10C" slot) can activate the desired threat through his communications manu (under F10 "Other")
The chosen threat will spawn _somewhere_ within the corresponding training zone.
* A text message would appear to all participants, indicating once a threat was activated.
* It is possible to activate more than one threat, and in more than one zone. I.e, the mission allows for two formations practicing each in a different zone and against different threats. The zones are far enough from each other so as to minimize conflicts between the groups.

Total available slots: 8x A-10C (Leader + 7 others)
T/O: Kutaisi, all aircraft hot-start.
1: Center of Zone-Alpha (a hill, South of the town of Zugdidi)
2: Center of Zone-Bravo
3...7: are around Bravo (as seen in your TAD), defining the threats' possible area.

Have fun,
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