Town Hunt \\ a SA 342-l Challenge //

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DCS: World 1.5
SA342 Gazelle
Town Hunt  \\ a SA 342-l Challenge //

Town Hunt \\ a SA 342-l Challenge //

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - alaryk
Date - 15.09.2016 21:04:05
Will you survive the 5 stages and take down all the targets ? Going from low threat to high threat.

Only guns and rockets.

Each waypoint locate a target
Stage 1: infantry
Stage 2: BTR 80
Stage 3: AA ZU-23
Stage 4: Osa 9A33
Stage 5: Shilka

The mission was originaly created for the SA342-L, but you can try it with all helos...but good luck with some of them...nearly impossible !

Exploite the maniability of the gazelle, and don't forget it is a really high high threat environment !

And remember Open spaces are always bad places....

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