Attack on Sukhumi

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Attack on Sukhumi

Attack on Sukhumi

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - solidusbucket
Date - 16.05.2015 22:11:49
We are moving to take the airfield at Sukhumi. Already our troops are taking contact much sooner than expected. Get in the air and provide support.  Your waypoints are set to troops in contact.


1.)  provide CAS for troops in contact by destroying their aggressors or

2.)  destroy the motor pool or AAA located at the airfield.


2x SA-13 at the airfield. Eliminate them before they have a chance to get their systems up.

1x SA-15 to the South East of the airfield at FH 94. Destroy it or remain out of its engagement range.

Wp 1.  Humvee section taking mortar fire. Spotters are in the area of the humvees. Mortor position is at the airfield.

Wp 2. Tank column is taking RPG fire.

Wp 3. Tank column is facing helicopter and fixed wing CAS threats.

Wp 4. Air assault team is taking small arms fire from the airport.

Wp 5. APC team is taking fire from BMPs.

Wp 6. Enemy have launched interceptor fighters.
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