MP Mission: "Operation Gridiron" (4 & 8 Player Co-op)

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A-10C Warthog

MP Mission: "Operation Gridiron" (4 & 8 Player Co-op)

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Date - 19.09.2011 12:22:39
Fixed SEAD for issues.  Modified A-10C loadouts.

Coalition forces have prepared a snatch and grab mission to capture a key insurgent commander that has been behind renewed enemy activity in the region. The enemy commander, codename HUSKER, is believed to be located in a heavily fortified residential and military compound 8 km west of Nalchik.

Zip file includes 4 and 8-player co-op .miz files, plus maps/recon photos.

A Navy Seal Six team, callsign VIKING ONE, is being inserted by three UH-60s, callsign UZI, to penetrate the compound and extract HUSKER. HUSKER?s intel will be invaluable to coalition forces and thus it is highly desired that he be captured alive.

Per recent satellite images, the compound, codename ARROWHEAD, and surrounding Nalchik area is defended by SA-6, SA-9, SA- 13, and AAA air defenses, in addition to a battalion consisting of heavy and light armor.  The majority of enemy units are located in Nalchik to the east of ARROWHEAD, though latest recon shows a handful of armored units currently defending the compound as well.



VIKING ONE/UZI will ingress low-level into the target area from the west and hold at IP DELTA, awaiting elimination of compound air defenses and any immediate ground threats by PIG flight. ENFIELD flight, British Tornado GR.4s, will push north over the border and eliminate the SA-6 located at the Nalchik airfield. All flights will then receive notice that GRIDIRON is a go and will push to their target waypoints.

Latest intel has HUSKER located in a house in the residential area of the compound just (see map). UZI will insert VIKING ONE just west of this house and then hold an orbit 2 miles west of ARROWHEAD. VIKING ONE will eliminate any ground opposition, clear the house, secure HUSKER, and then call UZI back in for egress. If HUSKER is not located at the house, then it is believed he will be located in a bunker complex located 500 yards to the southeast. If necessary, VIKING ONE will move on foot to this location, infiltrate the bunker complex, secure HUSKER, and call UZI back in for pick up from LZ ZULU. Maximum time on the ground for VIKING ONE will be 15 minutes.

PIG flight (A-10c?s) will be tasked with elimination of air defenses at ARROWHEAD to clear the way for UZI/VIKING ONE. Once the air defense targets are down, UZI will ingress from IP DELTA. During UZI/VIKING ONE?s ingress from IP DELTA, roughly 7 minutes total time, PIG flight will need to eliminate all additional enemy forces within the compound that could potentially oppose UZI/VIKING ONE. This includes elimination of any ground vehicles as well as HUSKER?s personal transport heli that are known to be located adjacent to the house. See attached map for known threats based on recent recon images. PIG flight must leave the house undamaged to ensure HUSKER is taken alive.

*** At least one A-10 from PIG flight should maintain visual with VIKING ONE at all times while boots are on the ground to provide CAS if required, as well as to avoid blue-on-blue ***

It is anticipated that PIG flight?s attack on the air defenses at ARROWHEAD will initiate reinforcements from Nalchik. Expect reinforcements to via two routes: GAP X and GAP Z. Estimated response time from Nalchik is 15 minutes, thus, expect  reinforcements may arrive via GAP X and GAP Z while VIKING ONE is still on the ground. We cannot let these armored   reinforcements engage the Seals or the UH-60s.

*** PIG flight (minus one A-10 to monitor VIKING ONE) will monitor and engage targets at GAP Z ***

***TUSK flight will monitor and engage targets at GAP X ***

TUSK flight?s initial tasking will be the elimination of targets in Nalchik to initially disorient enemy forces and thus delay their response to the attack on ARROWHEAD. Initial/primary targets for TUSK are the known SA-9 and two KA-50?s at the stadium FARP (waypoint "STADIUM"). Once UZI/VIKING ONE is on the ground, TUSK flight will need to monitor the primary roadway between Nalchik and ARROWHEAD ("GAP X") to ensure that enemy reinforcements do not reach the compound.


Time on Target and coordination between flights is paramount. The mission timelines is as follows:

0300: Mission Start
0303: COLT (CAP) airborne (Senaki)
0306: SHELL airborne (Senaki)
0310: PIG airborne (Senaki)
0310: TUSK airborne (Kutaisi)
0312: ENFIELD (SEAD) airborne (Kutaisi)
0325: UZI, COLT, PIG, and TUSK at hold points
0330: SEAD elimination of Nalchik SA-6
0331: All flights cleared into targets, mission "go"
0345: PIG flight elimination of AAA & SAM threats at ARROWHEAD
0345: UZI cleared inbound from IP DELTA
0355: VIKING ONE on the ground
0357: UZI orbits/holds two miles west of ARROWHEAD
0410: UZI/VIKING ONE egress
0415: UZI/VIKING ONE clear of target area ---CAP will escort UZI/VIKING to friendly airspace --- PIG/TUSK RTB --- Mission Complete



VIKING ONE - Seal Six Team
UZI - 3x UH-60
PIG 1 - 4x A-10c
TUSK 1 - 4xA-10c
COLT - 2xF-15c
ENFIELD - 2xTornado GR.4 (UK)
SHELL - KC-135, 155.0 AM, TACAN 18X
WIZARD - E3-A, AWACS, 124.0 AM

Package Comms is 124.0



TASK 1: Take off and HOLD at FENCE IN waypoint until confirmation of SEAD elimination of Nalchik SA-6. Once the SA-6 is down, proceed to IP CHARLIE.

TASK 2: Eliminate air defenses at ARROWHEAD to allow safe ingress for VIKING ONE commandos. Air defenses at ARROWHEAD are known to include at least one SA-13 and mobile AAA.

TASK 3: Eliminate enemy ground forces at ARROWHEAD to allow VIKING ONE to operate. Also eliminate any transport vehicles near the house so that HUSKER cannot escape. Do not destroy the house, HUSKER must be captured alive.

TASK 4: At least one A-10 should maintain visual with VIKING ONE while boots are on the ground to provide CAS if required. Enemy forces will likely reinforce via GAP X and GAP Z (see map). Remaining PIG A-10?s shall monitor and engage targets at GAP Z until UZI/VIKING ONE is safely RTB.

TASK 5: Once UZI/VIKING ONE are clear and RTB, expenditure of remaining ordinance on any enemy structures at the compound, including the ammo dump and comms tower, is authorized.



TASK 1: Take off and HOLD at FENCE IN waypoint until confirmation of SEAD elimination of Nalchik SA-6. Once the SA-6 is down, proceed to IP BRAVO.

TASK 2: Eliminate known SA-9 and KA-50?s at the stadium FARP (nav point "STADIUM").

TASK 3: Suppress/eliminate enemy reinforcements via GAP X until UZI/VIKING ONE is safely RTB. GAP X is the main roadway between Nalchik and ARROWHEAD.  As such, the entire length of road should be monitored between the compound main gate and Nalchik to ensure enemy units do not leak through and pose a threat to VIKING ONE.

TASK 4: Once UZI/VIKING ONE are clear and RTB, expenditure of remaining ordinance on enemy units in Nalchik is authorized.



1x SA-6 at Nalchik airfield (SEAD tasking)
1x SA-13 at ARROWHEAD (PIG tasking)
1x SA-9 at Stadium FARP
2x KA-50 at Stadium FARP

AAA (Shilka?s and ZSU-23?s) MBTs, IFVs, troops throughout Nalchik and Nalchik airbase

Be advised there is also an active SA-6 battery at Belsan airbase to the east of the target. The Belsan SA-6 range extends within 10 miles to the east of Nalchik. Do not enter this threat zone (see map).

Clear skies, -4C.


2x AIM-9
2x AGM65D
6x Mk82
2x GBU-12
LUU-2 Illumination Flares
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