Yugoslavian Bf-109G Pack (Part 2)

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Yugoslavian Bf-109G Pack (Part 2)

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Skin pack of Yugoslavian Bf-109Gs Part 2. (Pack is in two parts because of the 100Mb maximum file limitation.)

After WWII Yugoslavian Air Force used Messerschmitts Bf-109Gs. Some were captured from retreating Luftwaffe and Croatian forces but most of the type came from Bulgaria.

In 1947, the Paris Peace Treaty limited the size of Bulgaria's Air Force and some of its excess aircraft were sent to Yugoslavia in military equipment trade negotiations between the two countries.

A total of 59 Bf-109Gs were sent disassembled and transported by rail. Some were 2-seaters, 6 in total, by some sources two of the G series were converted to two-seat trainers in Bulgaria on Yugoslav request.

Part 2 of the pack includes four skins:

- Bf-109G-10 '3 (2103)', Mostar 1945
This was a captured Bf-109G-10 used by Yugoslavian partisans in 1945 at Mostar. Markings are not very symmetrical on purpose to represent hastily applied field markings. The stars under the wing are painted backwards to better hide the ex croatian AF markings.

- Bf-109G-6 'white 15', Zemun 1945.
White 15 served in Liaison Squadron in Zemun in 1945. It wore standard Luftwaffe Grey/Green camouflage with Yugoslavian insignia applied on overpainted German crosses.

- Bf-109G-6 'white 22', Cerklje 1951
This aircraft served in 83rd Fighter Regiment at Cerklje airfield in 1951. By the early 1950s most Yugoslavian Gustavs were more plainly camouflaged in Medium Grey over Light Blue with no national markings on the upper wing surfaces. 'White 22' was an ex-Bulgarian Bf-109.

- Bf-109G-6 'white 3', Zemun 1945
This Gustav served in Liaison Squadron Supreme Headquarters of the Yugoslav Peoples' Liberation Army (YPLA), Zemun 1945.

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