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F15C 32nd TFS Wolfhounds Soesterberg - 6 skin pack

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The 32nd TFS came to the Netherlands (Soesterberg AB) in the early 50's.
Soesterberg Air Base was under Royal Netherlands Air Force control, therefore the 32nd TFS was the only American Squadron that was under the command of a foreign nation.
The role of the 32nd TFS was to guard the West-European air space which stretched right up to the Iron Curtain.

The 32nd TFS transitioned from the F-4E Phantom to the  F-15A Eagle, in 1979.
The Wolfhounds operated the A & B models till 1983 when the 32nd received the new C & D models.

In 1993 it was decided that a number of bases in Europe needed to be closed, as a result of defense cutbacks.
In addition, several units would be deactivated, and their planes sent back to the US.
Unfortunately, the 32nd FS was one of these.

On the 13th of January 1994, the last three F-15 Eagles left took off from Soesterberg for the last time and headed out to Otis AFB.
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