Normandy 1944 map

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Normandy 1944 map

DCS: Normandy 1944 Map

First and foremost, you must have purchased Nevada (NTTR) or Normandy map, all of them can be installed to DCS 2.5
You can buy the map in our E-Shop: DCS Terrains
Once you have DCS 2.5 installed log on to the module manager in game, your purchased terrain should be available for download.

If not, please check your purchase is bound to your ED account here using the license check.

If you still cannot install Normandy map and Assets pack

1. Please download install batch file for your module, put this file to root \DCS World\ folder and run it once. Should be installed your module.
the same links but for specific module:
Normandy map
Assets pack

2. After that run any mission and activate by your key.