Based on the camo flown by the 117th Aviation Company in Vietnam. I took inspiration from an older Corgi model kit of the UH-1B, they had a 117th model with wider stripes than the real helicopter. I thought the wider stripes looked a little better but I didnt want to make their skin with the wrong paint so I changed it a little. Skin English Any version UH-1H Huey Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 11.06.2020 08:09:25 284
Date: 06/11/2020
... in fro Rotary wings (MI8, UH1H and Gazelle)<br /> ...
Date: 12/14/2019
This is a collection of eleven UH-1 skins representing HMLA-167. The skins included are: TV-30 (1969 as HML-167)* TV-29 (1970 as HML-167)* "Santa 1" (1969 as HML-167) TV-30 (1982 as HML-167) TV-11 (1999) TV-03 (ca. 2003) TV-06 (ca. 2003) TV-04 (ca. 2005) TV-06 (ca. 2005) TV-05 (CO bird ca. 2008) TV-00 (UH-1Y CO bird ca. 2013) * TV-29 and 30 (1969-70) are also included in my USMC Vietnam Skin Pack version 1.21 and later. Each skin (1999 and later) has a "normal& ...
Date: 04/21/2014

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