1992 - Irak 2-4 PLAYERS Startup and takeoff. Take a heading of 263. Gazelle M have to shoot down hostiles targets then, Gazelle L will have to destroy trucks and cars. Multiplayer mission English DCS: World 2.1 SA342 Gazelle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 16-02-2018 00:59:00
Date: 02/15/2018
I've been having fun lately adding voice recordings to missions. This is a quick nighttime strike in the Hornet with voice overs from the mission commander and another unit. Fairly straightforward mission, but a couple of surprises along the way. Mission Brief: "Good evening, everyone. We have received intelligence that a high value target is camped out in a mountain valley north of Kutaisi. The mission tonight is simple: Take out the target. There's not a lot of maneuvering room in...
Date: 09/14/2019
You will lead a flight of 4xF/A-18C Hornets, launching from USS Stennis at 0500 on a night attack on an Iranian attack boat facility. At Al Minhad descend to 200 FT and fly NOE and EMCON to the target. Stealth is essential for mission success. Zip includes data card, flight plan and intel photos. Sigint and Humint sources confirm that ...
Date: 07/23/2018
... messages will not work any more, but you can take off and still work with JTAC as before *** ++++ this is not as detailed as my regular missions, but view this as I do: A training opportunity! ++++ Single mission English DCS: World 1.5 AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 18-12-2017 22:42:04 43.0000
Date: 12/18/2017

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