Adds A-10C to Modman 7.3.0 to the 1.xx To install: unzip and copy the Modman folder to the drive where Modman 7.3 is installed, it will add the A-10C to the list, run Modman, select A-10 and it will create the folder for the mods. Restrictions: use it ONLY to ...
Date: 06/05/2011
ModMan v.7.3 ModMan is a powerful mod management utility for both Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2 and DCS: Black Shark, as well as a number of other titles. The program automates mod installation, removal and creation. Please be sure to carefully read ...
Date: 06/25/2010
This mod adds squadrons and patches to the selectable units in the player logbook, and replaces the default squadron line art with actual squadron patches. Units included employ the A-10, F-14, F-15, F/A-18, or the UH-1. ModMan 7.3 with the November 2012 update is required to use this mod. If you arent using ModMan 7.3 (Nov 2012), then see the bottom of this file for manual installation instructions. This mod adds squadrons and patches to the selectable units in the ...
Date: 05/02/2013
... the skinpack in use at 21° Gruppo Tigre for BS2 and A-10C. There are 4 skins available, 3 for Black Shark (standard Italian AMI camo, winter fictional camo, standard Italian AVES olive gray) and 1 for A-10C (low visibility grey). The file is a Modman pack, however the skins are in portable format, so you can simply unpack the .zip and copy/paste to your main DCS directory. skins available for USA and RUS country. Other 107
Date: 01/12/2012

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