In Game Kneeboard set made by the original manual Full YAK-52 Checklist / KneeBoard set Hi All , I am proud to present my last Knee board set Project And this time - YAK-52 . Made by the original aviation manual
Date: 08/10/2018
L39 Albatros VR Friendly Kneeboard Checklist - Startup to Take off, Radio Channel Presets and Navigation Channels List I found a light background Kneeboard to be hard on the eyes in VR so I developed a dark background version for the L39 Albatros which looks much better. The ...
Date: 05/14/2018
... advanced users. The file is JSGME ready so just unzip and drop it in your JSGME _Mods folder, or you can save the individual files to your DCS install directory which should be something like.. /DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/aircraft/AJS37/Cockpit/scripts/KNEEBOARD/indicator/CONTENT. Happy flying Mod English Any version AJS-37 Viggen Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 11-03-2018 08:41:22 56.0000
Date: 03/09/2018
Kneeboard pages covering basic procedures (startup, taxi, take-off, landing) and warfare, i.e. weapons employment (M/71, Lysbomb, BK 90, ARAK/AKAN, RB 04, RB 05, RB 15, RB 75 and RB 24/74) as well as CK37 input/output codes. Furthermore, KB countermeasures ...
Date: 01/23/2018
Pictorial guide of the full start-up procedure (except radio comms) for the kneeboard. Early access version This covers the full start-up procedure, but does not include radio operation or calls to ATC. Unarchive to a temporary location, then copy the AV8BNA folder into: C:\Users\*username*\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard ...
Date: 12/18/2017
Personal VR friendly Kneeboards as seen in my Harrier Tutorial Series: Includes personalized starup, not the natops startup, rwr legend, cockpit layout, weapon weights for vtol calculations, awls channels ...
Date: 12/17/2017
LaTeX created checklist for current release version of Harrier (December 2017) Work in progress, feedback appreciated: LaTeX created checklist for current release version of Harrier (December 2017) Work in progress, feedback appreciated: Document English DCS: World AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 12/15/2017
I'll upload here my German kneeboard mod. This mod does not include MiG-21bis or AJS-37. Tested with DCS 2.5.0 Other Deutsch DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 06/08/2018 19:45:18 730.0000
Date: 01/29/2017
This is a detailed fifteen page operating checklist for the MiG-21 kneeboard and includes 210 checklist items including checklist sections for Engine and System startup, Weapons, Taxi, hold short position, Line-up, Takeoff, Rotate, Climb-out, Approach, Landing & Shutdown. (also includes warnings, cautions & notes) ...
Date: 01/12/2017
Day and Night UH-1H Start-up Checklist - Kneeboard A full kneeboard start up procedure to get you in the air with all things in the right place. Installation: Just drop the 2 PNG files into: C:\users\your_name\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\UH-1H\ (If the UH-1H folder is not there, you ...
Date: 12/31/2016

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