This skin pack contains one skin fixed and one dynamic BORT number. Release notes v2: RoughMet layer added, tested with DCS 2.5.5 v1: Initial release Skin Any language DCS: World F-86F Sabre Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 09/01/2019 15:41:23 759.0000
Date: 09/01/2019
A Frecce Tricolori Set for the F-86, including numbers 0-10 My original Frecce Tricolori Set for the F-86 made compatible with DCS 1.5. Untested on DCS 2.0 however it should work. Updates include: Removal of numbers from tail and fuselage Added specular files for all liveries Enjoy! Julian "SkyHawk" Tirazona Skin English DCS: World 1.5 F-86F Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 01-02-2016 20:35:42
Date: 02/01/2016
MULTIPLAYER FORCE ON FORCE. A2A, A2G F86 vs Mig 15 with P51D supporting FORCES: REDFOR: 8x Mig 15, 4 x RUSSIAN P51D BLUEFOR: 8 x F86, 4 x P51D RED AI: 4 x Mig 15, 1 x RECON, 1 x TU22 BLUE AI: 4 x F86, 1 x RECON, 1 x B52 SITUATION: July 1, 1953 10:30 AM WE HAVE A PIG IN THE SAND ...
Date: 10/09/2015
C130 MP Escort Mission C130 MP Escort Mission F-86F
Date: 05/10/2015
Weathered F-86F cockpit created by <Grizzly> and uploaded originally at I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS WORK I AM SIMPLY UPLOADING IT HERE SINCE HE/SHE HAS NOT DONE SO Truly wonderful work, and so far seems to be entirely functional. Absolutely a necessity for this old bird. Instuctions: 1. Unzip 2. Backup original 3. Place unzipped Mods folder in your main DCS directory Other 03.03.2015 00:28:22...
Date: 09/15/2014

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