ThunderDome is a PvP Red/Blue Confined Battle Arena. No refueling, no re-arming, the only wayout of the Dome is to win! Try to escape and the Dome's advance electric defense's will cause you to explode ! Flexibility Pilot vs Pilot, Pair vs Pair Flight vs Flight 1v1 to 48v48 Fixed wing & Rotary - 48 Blue Slots / 48 Red Slots 4x A10A    4x AJS37 4x A10C    4x Bf109 4x AV8B    4x Fw190 4x F15C    4x L39ZA 4x F53E   4x Mig 15 4x F86F    4x Mig 21 4x F18C    4x Mig29A 4x M2000    4x...
Date: 11/28/2019
... random altitude and random direction. A new threat is generated after each enemy is destroyed and each time the player exits and re-enters the arena. Good luck! I built this mission to provide players with a simple way to improve their spotting and dogfighting skills. This is a simple mission to allow dogfight practice in the P-51D vs. average AI pilots in the 109 and 190. The mission is built in 2.5, but will probably work in the beta build or 1.5 although, this has not been tested. The mission ...
Date: 09/13/2018
An enemy supply convoy is moving south out of Russkoye along the road just west of the Mozdok air strip, with the intention of supplying enemy held Mozdok City. The convoy is reported to include an escort of Zu-23 AAA vehicles. Mig 15's are also known to be operating in the area. Can you destroy the convoy before it reaches Mozdok? This mission is also multiplayer compatible and includes my label mod. Have Fun! Other 10.12.2014 20:49:31 378
Date: 12/08/2014

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