Try to do a vertical landing in the Spitfire! Link to video in description to show it can be done! Proof it can be done! however i'm sure some of you can do it a little smoother! Good Luck! Single mission English DCS: World 2.0 Spitfire LF Mk. IX Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 693
Date: 06/05/2017
Will you survive the 5 stages and take down all the targets ? Going from low threat to high threat. Only guns and rockets. Each waypoint locate a target Stage 1: infantry Stage 2: BTR 80 Stage 3: AA ZU-23 Stage 4: Osa 9A33 Stage 5: Shilka The mission was originaly created for the SA342-L, but you can try it with all helos...but good luck with some of them...nearly impossible ! Exploite the maniability of the gazelle, and don't forget it is a really high high threat environment...
Date: 09/15/2016
Perform a daring aileron roll at the last second to impress the boys lining the runway! Accompanied by two C-130s and an aerobatic inbound flight of F16 and F/A18. Video here: A very quick challenge for the brave. The goal of this mission is to perform an aileron roll as close to touchdown as you can. Mission starts on approach so is quick to retry. Watch the success video: Laugh at my failed attempts: ...
Date: 08/02/2014
Race through the gates in under 11 minutes to complete the course. Inspired by the F/A-18C River Run After having had a great time flying the F/A-18C River Run challenge many a time, I decided to take inspiration from that fantastic little mission, and re-create it in a different location with the F-16C. Don't be fooled, there are some technical sections of the course that you will need to slow down and have ...
Date: 03/01/2020
3rd pier through first time I tried the Yak52 and made it all the way through, but started out too far to know how to time it Track Any language DCS: World 2.5 Yak-52 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 20
Date: 01/15/2020
Just for fun.. try to land the Spitfire in tricky conditions! Try not to die. Single mission English DCS: World 2.0 Spitfire LF Mk. IX Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 855
Date: 06/04/2017
This mission is designed to test your precision and ability to handle the Mi-8. You will be given 3 tests to perform: Hover Check: Hover the helicopter 3 meters off the ground, and hold it there for 30 seconds. You will be marked on your ability to hold your altitude, heading and position. Orbit Check: Complete an orbital circuit of a marker at a distance of 0.5km. You will be judged on your precision. Navigation Check: You will be given a town name, a grid reference and a terrain pattern...
Date: 11/25/2014

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