This Reduced Version of "The Serpents Head" is a five mission F18C Campaign. It is only to be used if you do not have the Nevada Map. If you do you should use the full version. The Campaign is story line based and follows the progress of “Ford” (yourself) and his involvement in a new conflict in the Caucasus Region. As in 2008 this is once again in the beleaguered area of Ossetia and Gori. This conflict is gathering pace at an alarming rate such that the West have sent in a multinational...
Date: 01/01/2019
The southern issue is on politics hands now. So we can return to focus on the insurgency inside the host country. This time is Joint Special Operations Task Force who’s asking for our assistants. Now is a special forces A-team who’s unaccounted for. This is not a high concern subject because to the A-team guys be away long time in remote areas is another day on the neighborhood. They are on the Kahir valley(A.K.A “deathlymortalfatal valley”); a distinguish stronghold to the radical groups and...
Date: 05/01/2019
It became crystal clear that the insurgency has found a sanctuary on the southern state. Who’s tolerating if not helping the radical fighters. So we have to send a clear message without either a war declaration or open hostilities. The selected option is a series of stealth hits against terrorist settlements on the southern nation undertake for an “unknown force”. Normally, on such strikes we would use electronic counter measures (ECM). Radar jamming or spoofing to interfering with the functionality...
Date: 04/20/2019
Tactical operations center is asking for a unit that we can spare. They need help to search for an NGO doctor who’s missing. So, who have the littler chopper and with less firepower? I’m my boss choice. I’m volunteer. Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 SA342 Gazelle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 04/14/2019
After the show of force on my first day, the insurgency returns to the asymmetric warfare using his more lethal weapon. The IED. So, every morning the EDO guys have to sweep the routes to each COP searching for IED’s. Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 SA342 Gazelle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 04/06/2019
Today is my first flight with my battalion. So it will be a nice and peaceful stroll over and around the beautiful mountains within our operation zone to get a first contact. So follow the flight plan and return to base. Easy day, isn’t it? Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 SA342 Gazelle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 04/06/2019 08:46:47 18.0000
Date: 04/06/2019
You will lead your F/A-18C flight of 2 to degrade the Russian air defenses in the battle area. AWACS (Magic) and F-15C (Talon 3) TARCAP will provide support. Includes mission data card, flight plan, voice radio messages, and random features for enhanced replay. Russian regular army forces, emboldened by their uncontested occupation of Crimea, have invaded the Republic of Georgia, using the Tbilisi-Senaki Hwy and Myussery Railway, southeast along the coastal plain corridor as the next step to...
Date: 03/12/2019
You will lead your F/A-18C flight of 2 to neutralize local air defense systems then destroy the Kaldahvara Bridge. Check in (by F10 menu) with JTAC (Red Fox) when 10 minutes out. Red Fox will lase the target for about 5 minutes when commanded by separate F10 menu item. AWACS (Magic) and F-15C (Vampire 2) TARCAP will provide support. Expect the target to be heavily defended. Emboldened by their uncontested occupation of Crimea, Russian regular army forces have invaded the Republic of Georgia, using...
Date: 03/12/2019
It’s a misty summers afternoon on the Stennis. The visibility at low level is not good and there is a 15-knot wind from the south. You, Ford, have just dropped into the cockpit of your Hornet f18C. You are about to carry out your Weapons Deployment Practice Sortie.   This one sortie will test your ability to deploy various weapons in various ways , the operation of the radio, the execution of JTAC protocols and the entry of coordinates for target locations both whilst on the ground and flying...
Date: 01/06/2019
Extract and drop in: Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\weather\dynamic and load them in the dynamic weather window. Based on a file shared by the late Blooze In game, you get a large "band" of clound from minevody to batumi Other English DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 10/23/2018

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