Inspired by Soviet Air Force planes from WW2... I hope you like it and if you do feel free to rate :) Place the livery folder into your C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\Yak-52 folder (if you don't have one create one) or into Disk:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\Yak-52\Liveries\Yak-52 Skin English Any version Yak-52 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 04/06/2019 18:14:43 35.0000
Date: 04/06/2019
P-51D section CAP over Caen (Normandy map). Lead a section of Mustangs into an engagement zone (arena) around Caen. Upon entering the zone, one of twenty four random threat aircraft (109 or 190) will be generated at a random altitude and random direction. A new threat is generated after each enemy is destroyed and each time the player exits and re-enters the arena. Good luck! I built this mission to provide players with a simple way to improve their spotting and dogfighting skills. This is a simple...
Date: 09/13/2018
Everything you saw in the video presentation or screenshots is in the scene, it's a great first that gave us a huge job. But in two to three clicks, you now have a thousand items. Your only concern will be to position exactly as shown. Unfortunately Dunkirk is not textured on the map of DCS, it is necessary to find beaches with a height difference of 0 to 3 meters, and there are some. But we put a typical mission,named (DUNKERQUE 000) you can launch it directly from 'Missions'. before editing....
Date: 01/08/2018
... Markindel's IJN Hiryu -Flying Dragon- Carrier Features Full Damage model Collision Model Fully Animated Working weapons To select as Japan, in the ME, select, file/new set up the factions selecting Japan as axis. Have fun! The WW II ADC Team Have fun! The WW II ADC Team Mod English DCS: World 2.0 Vehicle Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 11/25/2017

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