This mod replaces the vanilla "GAU-8 like" sound with the one of a Hornets M61A Vulcan cannon. V2.0 includes completely new sound files of actual recordings of the M61A from inside the Hornet cockpit. I hope you enjoy this mod. CHANGELOG: V2.0 -Added new VulacnIn sound file -Added VulcanEndIn sound file ATTENTION: -MAKE SURE YOUR WINRAR CAN OPEN RAR5.0 FORMAT IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS OPENING THE .RAR FILE! -Integrity Check should not cause any problems ...
Date: 12/05/2018
New and edited sounds for the F-15 & American RWR. Sounds changed by mixing and editing existing sound files already in DCS. Highly recommend using JSGME as replacing sound files without backing up is not advised. Interchanged some of the sound files in DCS\Sounds\ for a change in sound effects on the F-15 and US RWR. Sound English DCS: World 1.5 F-15C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 04.07.2017 18:17:40 1677
Date: 07/01/2017

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