Two Spitfire IX skins in the colours of a Supermarine Seafire Mk III used by the Irish Air Corps. Those particular planes were assigned to N° 1 Fighter Squadron, Gormanston, 1947. v3: Minor bugs fixed (exhaust, parts on rudder) v2: Skins are available for the the clipped wing Spitfire IX as well v1: Initial release Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Spitfire LF Mk. IX Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 22.09.2019 03:25:12 825
Date: 09/22/2019
Seafire Mk.III PP979, coded DX- ...
Date: 07/23/2019
Seafire LF Mk.III NF547, coded ...
Date: 07/23/2019
"I can't help but feel like everything's working against us." Osean Navy/3rd Osean Naval Fleet/Task Group 16/Fighter Squadron 108 "Wardog" Fr om Ace Combat 5 欧西亚联邦海军第3舰队第16特遣舰队群 第108战斗机中队“Wardog” Background:Following their declaration of war, Belkan launched offensives against Port St. Hewlett within hours of each other, causing extensive yet non-crippling damage to the Osean armed forces. In response, Osea planned to develop a counter-attack force to fend off further ...
Date: 09/04/2017

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