This is a collection of working RoughMet textures for AI. These textures compensate for the bumpmap that is not used for AI, since after 2.5 the AI only shone the surface. RoughMet textures also enable the depiction of lines and rivets. This was my main concern when creating the textures. The package contains textures for the following AI: A-50;An-26B;C-130;IL-76md;Il-78m;KC-130;KC135MPRS;A-10;AH-64 Apache;Ka-27;Tornado;Mi-26;Mig-31;F-16C old;UH-60;Mig-25p;Mig-25rbv;Tu-95;Tu-160;B-1b;B-52;C-17;C130;F4;F-16A;Mi-24v;Mi-28n;Mig-23;Mig-27;Parachute...
Date: 05/18/2020

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