Included text file has more info on the livery and how to install. More liveries can be found here: Skin English Any version A-10C Warthog Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 10/15/2019 07:11:21
Date: 10/15/2019
Replaces the main music for P-51D with Remember Pearl Harbor by Sammy Kaye. (EXPERIMENTAL) This music replacer is highly experimental. It is designed to give the feel of an airfield scramble during a raid, complete with sirens, pilots running, and a few P-51's starting up before the music begins. I honestly don't expect many people to like this project; I feel it's cumbersome myself, but I figure it deserves its day in court. JSGME compatible. Should you wish to install manually simply place...
Date: 07/25/2019
(updated March 27th: Added F10 Menu Item: REMOVE TREE ZONES or REDUCE # UNITS to hopefully improve FPS issues and fixed Group 2 and 3 following orders) SORTIE: The WORST case scenario has happened!  A German operative sabotaged the radar system at Needs Oar Airbase.  By the time the Allies figured out and resolved the problem, the German Staffels of Bf109's and Fw190's were already half way across the English Channel!  Needs Oar is sending out a distress call to Funtington Airbase to scramble as...
Date: 03/27/2019
Skin 1 - Inspired by French Morane Saulnier 406 Bretagne. Skin 2 - Green version JSGME ready. Skin French DCS: World 2.5 P-51D Mustang Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 02/04/2019 16:14:44 432.0000
Date: 02/04/2019
In 1943, ball bearing factories in Germany were a serious target.  One year later, in early 1944, rumor had spread from the French Resistance that a new ball bearing factory in Normandy has been built and is in full operation.  Located just southeast of Caen, next to Le Dives River, is the town of La Butte, the location of this new factory.  The Allies are planning a daylight attack of this factory in the knowledge that the Luftwaffe has sent the majority of it's force to the Eastern Front.  It is...
Date: 11/07/2018
This is an edit of what I believe the sight would appear like. While I couldn't find images of the real K-14's sight specifically, I have used a number of other gunsights from the WWII era to get the best effect I can out of this. The fixed sight has a more of a glowing appearance, and an increase of red, particularly in the bottom section of the sight. I have not touched the gyro sight, because the diamonds are cut sideways out of a straight line. I can not add a convincing glow effect to them...
Date: 08/17/2018
This is the 1st in a series of SQUADRON training missions. There is confirmed evidence of an imminent attack on Ford airbase. Your job will be to lead your squadron to the enemy, destroy all enemy groups, and RTB at Ford air base with minimal casualties. SPECIAL FEATURES: ** Unit AI OFF when out of moving zone ** "Lucky Gas Tank Shot" feature (enemy explodes) ** Enemy Units eliminated upon RTB ** Uses WWII ASSETS ** You are to engage your first enemy squadron by flying 260 deg. southwest...
Date: 05/14/2018
This is the 1st group training mission of the series called Hide-N-Seek 4v4. Find and destroy the enemy group before they find your group. SPECIAL FEATURES: ** Bulls Calls from Funtington ** Base units AI set to OFF when out of moving zone ** Enemy status displayed ***IMPORTANT: WWII ASSETS PACK REQUIRED*** You will be taking off from Funtington (the Bullseye) at 13:00 hours to intercept 4 Fw190's. To avoid a head-on conflict at low altitude, you will take off and set a heading of 100 degrees...
Date: 05/05/2018
You are a USAF pilot in Korea the year is 1951, you are flying the P-51 in ground attack operations. This is just a sample of the campaign I am building if you like it write a comment and I will make the rest of it. If you want to support future projects you can donate on my patreon at Campaign English DCS: World 1.5 P-51D Mustang Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 24-11-2017 01:26:36 237.0000
Date: 10/18/2017
8 Pics included. I'm uploading this high resolution pics based on some friend's request. Screenshot English DCS: World 2.0 P-51D Mustang Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 10/05/2017

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