fictional skin for the 2000C-RDI inspirated by IRL rafale Normandie-Niemen anniversary 2012 livery. unzip folder into yoursavedgame\\Liveries\M-2000C\ Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 M-2000C Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 289
Date: 05/14/2019
enjoy! ω Other Any language DCS: World 2.1 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 595
Date: 01/14/2018
One of our recon aircraft has spotted an enemy convoi that lost it's way during recent storms and is now in reach of our airfields. A Schwarm of Ju-88 torpedo bombers is already on the way. Your task is to meet up with the bombers over the island of Jersey and guide them to convoi. To find the convoi a Jägerleitoffizier will use the Freya radar system to communicate with a device called "FuG 25a Erstling" in your FW-190 to measure your position. He will do the same for the recon aircraft...
Date: 05/09/2020
It's June, 1940 and Germany is attempting to pound Britain's supply lines into submission.  The Royal Navy is struggling to get any supplies into the country and needs the RAF's help badly.  You, as leader of Blue Group, are in control of a 4-group squadron.  Using the F10 menu's SQUADRON CONTROL, you can change up individual groups' formations or have them form up in any number of ways into a full 4-group squadron flight including T-Formation, Diamond, Square, to name a few.  You control all four...
Date: 02/19/2020
179 AW C-130H, AF Ser. No. 90-1794 Skin conmemorativo del 60 aniversario del desembarco de Normadía, correspondiente a un Hércules C-130H de la Ohio Air Guard, 179th Air Wing, portando las características rayas de invasión. Commemorative skin of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day, corresponding to a Hercules C-130H from the Ohio Air Guard, 179th Air Wing, wearing the characteristic invasión stripes. Skin Any language DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 138
Date: 09/16/2019
3 liveries included in this pack: 492nd, 493rd and 494th FS, painted in the 75th D-Day Anniversary schemes. To install: Open up the RAR file and drag and drop the 3 folders into your Disk:\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\Liveries\F-15C folder and enjoy. I hope you like the liveries and if you do feel free to rate them :) As always have a safe and pleasant flight! Skin English Any version F-15C Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 293
Date: 09/02/2019

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