MiG-29S Fictional French Livery. (JSGME-ready) MiG-29S Fictional French Livery. Inspired from EC 2/4 Lafayette. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Date: 03/20/2018
A MiG-29S skin depicting airframes assigned to the 31st GvIAP in Millerovo. Skin English DCS: World MiG-29C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 02/03/2018
Digital Lebanese air force camo for the MIG-29S Lebanon was offered MIG-29S in 2008. It featured a digital style camo. Installation: Drag and drop the folders into your DCS folder Skin is found under the Russian Faction Skin Any language Any version MiG-29C Freeware - Free version,...
Date: 08/28/2017
The DPRK Mig-29S skin. The DPRK Mig-29A skin can be download in here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2417617/ Only 2 digits of fuselage numbers can be edit in mission editor, so I made 2 skin. The "DPRK Mig-29S(slogan)" skin include ...
Date: 03/06/2017
bazar/liveries/mig-29s MiG-29C 160
Date: 07/15/2014
Skins sind angelehnt an die damaligen Maschinen des JG 73 in Laage . Enthalten sind 12 Skins : 29+01 bis 29+11 plus eine Maschine zur Zieldarstellung : ) MiG-29C 265
Date: 04/15/2014
Mig-29c skin DcsWorld FC3 1.2.8beta mig-29s ,skin FAA. descomprimir , pegar carpeta en: c:...//Bazar/Liveries/mig-29s. MiG-29C 122
Date: 04/12/2014
This is a corrected version of the MiG-29S campaign included in the 1.2.1 patch of Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2. "Operations have begun that will lead to the eventual airborne assault of two key enemy airbases. Separating us and the enemy is a large mountain chain we term "The ...
Date: 06/26/2010
... AWACS, but there is plenty of CAS to do as well as work for the whirlybirds and commanders. Can also be used as a templet to create other missions around. Red Team Airbases: Sochi, Gudauta, Sukhumi+ Forward Heliport. Aircraft: MiG-15, MiG-21, MiG-29S, Su-25A, Su-25T, Su-27, Su-33, L-39ZA, Mi-8, Ka-50, Yak-52 Blue Team Airbases:  Kobuleti, Kutaisi, Senaki + Forward Heliport. Aircraft: F-15C, F/A-18C, M-2000C, A-10A, A-10C, MiG-29A, MiG-29G, AJS-37, AV-8B, F-5E, F-86F, T-1A, L-39C, Su-25A,...
Date: 11/07/2018
Установка: распакованную папку скинуть в DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\mig-29s Skin Any language DCS: World MiG-29C Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 08/01/2018

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