MiG-15bis based on MiG-15bis and MiG-15UTI of the Air Forces of Algeria, Congo-Brazzaville, Kingdom of Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, Mongolia, Mozambique and Tanzania with dynamic BORT numbers. According my sources the one and only MiG-15 of Guinea-Bissau (#34) is stored in a shelter since years. One MiG-15 of Congo-Brazzaville (#101) was found 1994 stored outside in a very bad condition. Mongolia received some MiG-15bis and MiG-15UTI and the only available photo is #337 as gate guard. v4: Algerian...
Date: 09/22/2019
Mig-15 virtuel du normandie-niemen, Pas réelle mais rend hommage aux pilotes de la WW2 French skin Skin French DCS: World MiG-15bis Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Date: 12/31/2017
Death to Traitors! is a hard-difficulty level mission for experienced MiG 15 pilots. You begin in the ground, waiting for instructions. When the call comes, scramble and follow the vectors to intercept a pair of high-flying, high-speed MiG 15s flown by defectors. As you and your fellow pilots work to bring them down, their ...
Date: 08/30/2017
In Defect or Die 3.0, your life depends on you making it to the American base at Gudata without being stopped on the ground, or in the air. Every available plane the Northern Air Force has is being scrambled to stop you. The clock is ticking, can you make it? Defect or Die is the third version of a mission inspired by the defection of No Kum-Sok in September 1953. This mission is greatly improved over previous versions and will provide a more immersive and challenging experience over previous...
Date: 08/28/2017
... enemy lines. A flight of four UH1's will provide the armed transport. Once landed, the marine force will gather intell, then destroy the radio and TV towers at the site. The area is defended by a company of motorised rifle troops, with 23mm AAA. Enemy Mig 15's are active and will defend the installations. Once the towers are destroyed the marines will move to the exfiltration zone and be embarked on to the Huey's. Two four ship F86 Sabre flights, Springfield and Enfield will provide Close Air Support....
Date: 04/27/2016
Multiplayer mission dogfight action with the 51st Fighter Wing! Inspired by the 51st Fighter Wing legacy this mission puts you in the action with 16 North Korean Mig15s of the 176th GvIAP vs 12 American F-86s of the famous 39th Fighter Squadron of the 51st Fighter Wing. Multiplayer mission English DCS: World 1.5 F-86F Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 02/16/2016

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