The troubles in the Caucasus region have intensified over the last few months. So much so that the Stennis task force itself has become subject to attacks. You are a member of the recently arrived F18C force on board. It is 8.00 am on a misty July morning, wind is calm. You are ready to go and are connected to Cat 4 with engines running. “Python”, a group of three Hornets are on Cats 1 to 3 and ahead of you in the flight schedule. Visibility ...
Date: 10/16/2018
The 104th Phoenix texture pack! Includes our squadron skins for the F15C F18C AV-8B Su-27 - J11 to follow when able. Updated 10/9/2018 to 1.3.3 - Missing glass texture corrected. Updated 10/9/2018 to 1.3.2 - New Su-27 skins added Updated 9/21/2018 to 1.2.1 check back for updates to pack from time to time. Skin ...
Date: 10/10/2018
Skin historique du F/A-18C VFA-204 "River Rattlers" 100 ans de l'aviation navale US amouflage du F/A-18A Hornet BuNo 162866 du VFA-204 River Rattlers pour les 100 ans de l'aviation navale US. Ce F/A-18C Hornet du VFA-204 porte une décoration spéciale pour les 100 ans de l'aviation navale. Skin Any language Any version F/A-18C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 08/17/2018

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