Radar dome static objects. Low type and high type are included. Changelog 4/8/2020(v1.1) : Updated for 2.5.6 If you use it as EWR, please place it from "Fortification" of "Ground Units". Mod Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 04/08/2020 10:50:07 444.0000
Date: 04/08/2020
... anywhere and anytime!  Take off from Funtington AB and head 180 degrees to the coast to meet up with the rest of your squadron.  Once at the coast have your squadron join up using the F10 menu in any squadron formation you choose.  You will receive EWRS calls to lead you to the enemy, or you may choose to assist other groups in their battles already underway.   There is a second Blue Group refueled and rearmed at Funtington (Blue Group #002) awaiting your return if you should so choose to lead....
Date: 02/19/2020

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