A single player mission in the DCS World for the UH1 Huey. Command a flight of four UH1 Huey's to infill a platoon of marines to a hot LZ. On route you are tasked to eliminate a stronghold (armed house) and supporting infantry. Mission is successful when enemy at LZ are eliminated, the marine platoon has completed their mission to destroy enemy coms mast and TV antenna and you have performed exfiltration of marine force and RTB. You will have air support from A10c's who will subdue opposition...
Date: 12/06/2014
A counterpart single player mission to the Sting in the Tail Krasnodar mission. This mission is flown as Blue Force leader. You begin in the A10c. You may swap to the DCS World Huey or F86 Sabre if you own these modules. A counterpart to the Krasnodar Sting n the Tail single player mission. You fly for Blue forces this time as flight leader in a pair of A10c's. You may swap to the Huey or F86 Sabre at any time, if ...
Date: 11/28/2014
This is the mirror counterpart to the "Sting in the Tail" mission. This is the Mirror counterpart to the "Sting in the Tail" mission. Please see that mission descriptive. Here you fly for the Blue coalition. You will fly either the A10c,Huey or F86 Sabre (if you want a historic ride!!) As in the Sting in the Tail, you are ordered to destroy a small group of APC's. Triggers are identical to the Sing in the Tail mission. A-10C 161
Date: 11/23/2014

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