Last Update/MàJ : 19/03/2019 X56 SAITEK profil (.pr0) made for M2000C by RAZBAM WITHOUT TRAK IR ! A keybindings PDF is available. Both 3 modes used : M1 : FLIGHT M2 : RADAR S1 : WEAPONS CAUTION : Made for AZERTY keyboard, be aware that A,Q,W,Z,M,"," and some other keys might be different. Airbrakes (AB) have to be assigned directly in DCS in the three positions keys : "Airbrakes ON else OFF" Enjoy :) Jango Device Profiles English Any version M-2000C...
Date: 03/19/2019
X56 SAITEK A10C config for X56 WITHOUT TRACK IR. 2 modes used (work in progress) CAUTION : Some rare key bindings have been added or changed, please refere to the .pro file to change them in DCS. CAUTION x2 : Made for AZERTY keyboard, be aware that A,Q,W,Z,M,"," and some other keys might be different. Some words might be in french, sorry :/ Enjoy :) SPARTAN Device Profiles English Any version A-10C Warthog Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 08.05.2017 18:20:47
Date: 05/08/2017
FOR THE PROPER PDF BRIEFING PLEASE COME TO THE 59TH RAVENS FACEBOOK PAGE AND LOOK IN THE FILE SECTION AS I CANNOT UPLOAD IT HERE For all Aircraft- Russia and North Korea have joined forces, To take full control of Georgia. Calling there full military forces into Georgia Overnight to hit us hard by Air, Land and Sea Russia has sent the full might of there carrier group north in support of there ground forces, and set up a Blockade at our weapons testing and storage facility in Gelendzik. We Have...
Date: 04/05/2017
Flying the Ka-50, with a wingman, escort two Mi-8 rescue helicopters to the mountains at Mt. Elbrus, to rescue two downed pilots. Two pilots ejected from their F14 48 hours ago. Insurgents have become aware of their location and are closing in on them. A rescue package has been put together. You will take off from a FARP and fly lead in a pair of Ka-50 Black Sharks, escorting two Mi-8 rescue helicopters. Your mission is to clear the Landing Zone and facilitate the rescue. Once the downed pilots...
Date: 04/13/2016
HOTAS Grundlagen Mission mit deutschen Texten als Download bis sie in die deutsche Lokalisierung integriert ist. Grundlagen Training zur Bedienung des A-10C HOTAS Systems. ORIGINAL ENGLISH MISSION by Evilbivol-1 (c) Eagle Dynamics Single mission Deutsch DCS: A-10C A-10C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Date: 12/13/2015

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