Tageszeiten angepasst Die FW190 A8 Mission “Ende des Sturms” ist historisch an das Buch “Die Einsätze der Nachtschlachtgruppen an der Westfront” angelehnt. Mission1: der Sturm hat sich gelegt, wir müssen trotz ungünstiger Wetterlage die eingekesselten Truppen in Cherbourg unterstützen. Mission2: Das befohlene Ziel für das I./SKG 10 sind die Brücken westlich von Benouville die über die Orne und den Caen- Kanal führen. Funk Sprecher: Blooddawn1942 Andrea Veteran66 Single mission...
Date: 02/22/2020
... JG 300.<br /><br /> It has a characteristic red and yellow snake on both sides of the fuselage.<br /><br /> Employed colors RLM 74, RLM 75 and RLM 76<br /><br /> Skin Any language Any version Fw 190 A-8 Anton Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 02/11/2020 13:32:11 43
Date: 02/11/2020
... wings and the fuselage were covered / semi-concealed with paint so that they were not so visible. The result was that in practice the swastika was barely imperceptible, and the crosses were concealed. Skin Any language Any version Fw 190 A-8 Anton Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 02/09/2020 19:04:35 75
Date: 02/09/2020
This is the DCS Fw-190 A-8 Operation Tsunami Campaign. The original was for the Bf-109K-4 and made by Rudi-Beutler@t-online.de He was kind enough to let me, Sydy, to translate it to english and convert it to the Fw-190A-8. Even on the early access stage, the campaign is doable. Fw-190 A-8 Operation Tsunami Campaign. Some enemies were toned down and one 190 was added in some mission so you fly in a "Kette" instead of a "Rotte". I do not speak German, so I apologize in advance...
Date: 08/25/2019
Far from the real one, but quick to get you flying. (vs 1.1 - Better format). Welcome to the Quick Checklist Series. This is a checklist far from the real one, but that will get you flying quick and safely. Use at your discretion. (Update 1.1 - Expanded) Extract this inside of "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS". Check if the file is in the "C:\Users\"your name"\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard\FW-190A8 folder. You will find the checklist on your DCS Kneeboard...
Date: 08/22/2019

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