All three (Desert, Night, Woodland) of the fictional VMA-X02 skins previously released. Gun pod and fuel tanks now included! Unzip and move the three livery folders into the AV-8B liveries folder located: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\CoreMods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Liveries\AV8BNA If you are installing to a different version, or have a different file structure, just make sure they are with the rest of the AV-8B liveries. **Shoutout to 59th RAVENS for providing the nozzles...
Date: 12/24/2017
It was inspired by 107th Michigan ANG FS and I did some design changes to accommodate it for the Red Devils in Virtual Fighter Squadron. License:Permitted for offline personal use.Use in clans is prohibited. Extract to:<br /><br /> ...\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Liveries\AV8BNA Skin English DCS: World 1.5 AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 04/19/2020 10:15:34 788.0000
Date: 04/19/2020
... Sqn, 20 (Reserve) Sqn - The Harrier OCU and 4 (Reserve) Sqn - Who took over as Harrier OCU, when 20 Sqn disbanded and 4 Sqn converted to a training role. Pilots also have correct patches on the flying suits.<br /> <br /> For the Razbam AV-8B NA module. Thanks to Jace11 for letting use his base repaint. Three fictional repaints of RAF Harrier GR7/7A & GR9 aircraft, for the Razbam AV-8B NA module.<br /> <br /> 4 (AC) Sqn ZD463 '53' Harrier GR7 - RAF Cottesmore<br /> ...
Date: 12/12/2019
Tired of modifying the programs of countermeasures for the dispensing flares and chaffs. With this mod adjust your programs to measure. You do not have to change again. F-16C Updated , Open Beta Patch Custom the ECM. airplanes: A-10C F-18C M-2000C AV8BNA F-16C Update Enter into "mods/aircraft/"air plane of your choose"/Cockpit/Scripts........... and here each plane is diferent. nav into the *.lua file and modify the ECMD setup. Save the file. I recomend...
Date: 11/28/2019
A Complex series of missions in the Persian Gulf all in a single mission file. The main and hardest element is the setting up of anti air to secure Sirri Island against the expected air raids from Iran. Then suppressing anti-air assets on Abu Musa Island so the helicopter drivers can begin transporting troops from Sirri Island to Abu Musa island to occupy the airfield. A high level of skill in A10Cs, FA-18C's UH-1H and Mi8's will come in very handy. To play this mission you will need to install...
Date: 09/16/2019
Royal Norwegian Air Force Harrier This is my first attempt at making a livery and it's a Norwegian Air Force Harrier based on the new Norwegian F-35 Constructive criticisms is welcomed unzip to DCSWorld\CoreMods\aircraft\AV8BNA\Liveries\AV8BNA Skin English DCS: World 2.5 AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 122
Date: 08/23/2019 Breve video di inizializzazione del sistema inerziale di navigazione. A velivolo già avviato, procedura: 1-selettore INS su OFF; 2-ODU POS, inserire latitudine N e posizione rilevata dal cosciale e dare ENT; 3-ODU POS, inserire longitudine E + posizione rilevata dal cosciale con uno 0 iniziale e dare ENT; 4-inserire eventuale rotta del vento e velocità al suolo, comunicati da torre di controllo; 5-in caso di inizializzazione da nave non dotata di cavo dati, inserire...
Date: 07/23/2019
A Danish skin of the AV-8B Harrier A Danish skin of the AV-8B Harrier Skin English DCS: World 2.5 AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 238
Date: 10/30/2018
Destroy enemy oil tankers in a protected harbor. You and you wingman are tasked with destroying three enemy oil tankers that are located in the harbor before they can off-load their cargo. (See intel photo). The harbor is protected with anti-aircraft ZU-23s. Start-up, takeoff from the Tarawa with your wingman and destroy as many of the three tankers as possible, then RTB. Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 1259
Date: 05/20/2018
Hey guys, here's a training mission I made for up to a flight of 4 Harriers. In this training mission you can take up the skies in RAZBAM's AV-8B N/A Harrier and practice slaving your DMT to targets located at the first two waypoints. Weapons on default load outs are x4 AGM-65G, x2 Aim-9, x1 Gunpod (300rds), x1 TGP. Each aircraft has their own designated targets at different locations but in same general areas as the rest of flight group for waypoints 1 and 2. Waypoint 3 is for RTB and landing...
Date: 05/17/2018

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