... ATF-C based out of Batumi AFB will provide: CAP: 2x M-2000C, 2x F15C, 2x AJS-37 Viggen, 2x F-5E. CAS: 2x A10C, 2x M-2000C, 2x AJS-37 Viggen. Mission Notes: - 11x tasks given in random order *more will be added in the future; - Tasks given in ATO format; - F10 menu to rebroadcast current task; - Pilots should know how to manually enter LL way-points; - Runway start for all ATF-C flight groups; - AWACS (Overlord) support; - Texaco (KC-135/TACAN 11X) and Arco (S-3B) Tankers for air refueling....
Date: 03/17/2017

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