Italian Bf-109 "Gustav" camouflage for the DCS Bf-109 K-4 "Kurfurst" Hi there! This is a bunch of standard liveries based on italian ANR liveries. This pack contain 3 types of liveries, with bort numbers. Every livery are included with new pilot skin and face. LICENSE Bf-109 K-4 "Kurfurst" Fictional Standard National Republican Air Force (ANR) is a livery made by PorcoRosso86....
Date: 09/11/2018
Bf-109 K-4 "Kurfurst" National Republican Air Force (ANR) of Magg. Mario Bellagambi, 5 Stormo, II Gruppo Caccia, Osoppo, Italy, March 1945 Hi everybody This is the camouflage of the Bf-109 G-14 owned to Magg. Mario Bellagambi, 14 individual victory confirmed. This camo got some particularities: the black ...
Date: 03/08/2017
Italian Bf-109 G-14 camouflage for the DCS Bf-109 K-4 "Kurfurst" Hi everybody! This skins is based on Italian Bf-109 G-14 of the 3a Squadriglia, II gruppo caccia based on Aviano, Italy, 1944 Skin English Any version Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 03/07/2017 22:51:16 679
Date: 03/07/2017
Fictional skin of Fw-190 D-9 of the National Republican Air Force Hi everybody This is a fictional skin. I imagined that on the end of the war, Italian Social Republic received some D-9 to fight against the massive raids of B-17. This camouflage is inspired from some D-9 in defense of the Reich, on the last months of the wars. All germans markings are obliterated, because the commander of the 1 Squadriglia, Adriano Visconti wanted that on his planes got only italian markings. Only the lower surface...
Date: 03/13/2017

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