An outpost in a mountain pass has come under enemy attack. Take any immediate pressure off of the forces there and stop the enemy from being able to reinforce its troops by either destroying the convoys or blowing bridges in the pass. This is a ramp start mission for DCS A-10C where your task is to destroy enemy convoys, or blow the bridges to stop them from traveling up the valley to drop off more men into the fight. Each time a convoy gets to the drop off point it, its dropping off men who are...
Date: 11/06/2012
This is a surface to air training scenario. You will have the option to increase the difficulty during the mission. The random activation of threats means not all replays of this scenario will be the same. You will have two reference guides to use throughout the scenario. Enjoy! The zip file contains mission file and reference pdfs. A-10C 1816
Date: 08/06/2012
... RusSpec OPS skin in the Mission Editor. Select your chopper, -> go to Payload, -> Paint scheme -scroll down in the list, you can find and select it. All credits for making this skin belong to Crazydick, I just adapted it for use in BS2 (v. Enjoy =4c=Grom 13.11.2012 02:46:57 28
Date: 03/13/2012
Following US intervention in the Georgia-crisis, russian forces have invaded the west of Georgia. A large foces is amassing in Poti and are making a stronghold there. Destroy all russian forces in Poti. US forces will then move in. When Poti is in our control, move on to destroy Senaki-Kolkhi-airfield. A pretty straightforward mission in two stages with a silly name. It's loosely based on the actual routes of the russian forces in the Russia-Georgia war. Plenty of airdefences,...
Date: 01/28/2012
This is a ramp start mission for DCS A-10C where your main task is to clear out the anti-air defence of an invadeing force. Secondary objective is to do as much dammage as possible to 2 colums of IFV's. Take on an invadeing army, destroy the air defences, and do as much dammage as possible to the invading force, before they overwhelm defending ground forces with your wing of A-10's. A-10C 24.01.2012 23:06:43 1752
Date: 01/21/2012

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