After a long campaign, the Taliban is finally on the run. Without support, it's breaking into smaller factions and infiltrating other countries. A new Taliban cell was detected by a predator drone near Alahubani (coordinates: LM27). Two halos carrying an invasion force are en route to the site. Destroy all air defenses in the area before the halos arrive and cause as much destruction as possible. MISSION OBJECTIVES: 1- Destroy all air defenses (3xAAA, 4xWatchtower, 1xSAM) 2- CAS ADVICE:...
Date: 05/13/2017
First mission. Modeled after night missions flown during Gulf War. No TGP. Mavs and NVGs are your friends :) Midnight. Winter Holiday. Tasked with a 'watch' mission. Fly your route, hope for a quiet trip. Be back to base for some sleep. Bring your flashlight. A-10C 1010
Date: 05/10/2012

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