Recently tensions between Russia and Georgia have escalated, and the world now watches as the area is once again on the brink of war.<br /> <br /> You are Uzi 1-1, Flight Lead of Georgia's best flight of Ka-50 attack helicopters. You have been moved to the military airport of Gudauta to prepare for whatever may come from the rise in tensions between your Nation and neighboring Russia. Both sides are building up military strength along the border in a show of force. You will use all...
Date: 02/21/2020
"New" Control Profile TM T16000M FCS HOTAS for Ka-50 "New" settings profile for the Ka-50 Original from nunupt"> I have some time to fly with the Ka-50, but i believe this settings should be good for the beginners Suggestions are welcome. 2019-02-04: Version 0.9 Initial release 2020-20-02: Version 1.0 - SHKVAL button changes - Canon button change...
Date: 02/20/2020
Template for the TM Cougar; updated, sorted the left PRT as in the Ka-50.<br /> Update 31.12.2019: added a blank template without star and one with an ingame picture of a Ka-50 with eagle skin, available here in user files (not from me). The picture of the star is from open office. 3 templates, 1 with symbol, 1 with picture, 1 blank.<br /> Device Profiles English Any version Ka-50 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 12/31/2019 13:08:05 98
Date: 12/31/2019
Viggens to strike Red Carrier group. Escort fighters needed. Red ground forces are attacking Zugdidi from Gali Multiplayer or single player. Single player can call for fixed wing escort through the comms menu. Multiplayer mission English DCS: World 1.5 AJS-37 Viggen Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 05/19/2017 12:49:37 967
Date: 05/16/2017
... bestehend aus je einmal Camo, Snow und Desert Paint, also nichts besonderes. ... Consisting of one each Camo, Snow and Desert Paint, so nothing special. Skin English Ka-50 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 04/29/2016 12:32:31 1073
Date: 04/26/2016

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