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The RAZBAM Terrain Development Team proudly presents the South Atlantic map. It is a beautiful, majestic combination of Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands based on the present day. The topography includes the beautiful and rugged Andes mountains of Chile, the vast and colorful Patagonian plains of Argentina, and the windswept islands of both West and East Falklands/Malvinas islands. Covering an area of 3.1 million square kilometers, the goal has been to give DCS content creators and customers the opportunity to develop missions that reflect the scale and complexity of modern-day operations in the South Atlantic.

The South Atlantic Map was developed whilst proactively listening to DCS customers' wishes regarding the scale and requirements of a modern-day theatre of operations. This has resulted in a map that is comprised of land-class textures drawn from aerial and satellite photography.

During the Early Access period, the South Atlantic Map will be further improved with:

  • Refined noise map tiles.
  • Improved detail to sea cliffs.
  • Elimination of forest tile lines.

As a bonus we will be including a generous asset pack in the near future. Coming very soon with the map are the following assets, but not limited to:


  • Castle class patrol vessel
  • Harbour tug
  • HMS Invincible aircraft carrier
  • HMS Achilles frigate
  • HHS Andromeda frigate
  • HMS Ariadne frigate
  • Almirante Lynch frigate
  • Almirante Condell frigate
  • Santa Fe frigate
  • ARA Veinticincol.de Maya (currently being worked on and will be included during EA)


  • LARC V
  • TACR2A


  • Tower crane
  • Small lighthouse
  • Wind turbine (Offshore and Land based)
  • KAT345L Excavator

The Assets pack will be expanded as and when each unit has been completed.