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DCS World Autumn 2018 Sale is Here!

At long last, get great savings on the entire library of DCS World products!

Lasting until December 2nd, save 50% on most DCS World modules! This applies to aircraft, maps, and campaigns. The only exceptions include:

Note: the sale only applies to released, non pre-order products.

Get these deals starting this Wednesday in the DCS E-shop

Of note, this is our first separate sale of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet outside of a bundle deal.

DCS World Open Beta Update

This week we updated the DCS World 2.5 Open Beta with some great items like:

  • Inclusion of the second massive, free update to the DCS: Persian Gulf Map that includes eight new airfields and several new landmarks and optimizations. Now is a great time to purchase this map with the 25% off sale!
  • Corrected Hornet radar performance, addition of radar acquisition modes for the JHMCS, added initial version of the infrared-guided AGM-65G Maverick (several items to address), and completed the Flight Performance Advisory Page (FPAS) functions. The Hornet user guide has also been updated

You can read the complete change log here

The Eagle Dynamics Team