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Autumn Sale

Dear customers! We are happy to remind you that the Autumn Sale goes on until Monday, September the 26th with -40% discount!

For customers inside the EAEU, we are offering 60% off all DCS modules, except DCS: F-5E Tiger II, using bonus points.

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Nevada Mood

The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) has the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world. The NTTR land area includes simulated air defense systems, mock airbases, and several target ranges. The NTTR was also used for nuclear testing. Today, it is home to RED FLAG and other military exercises that include countries from around the world. The NTTR map for DCS World 2 includes Nellis AFB, Creech AFB and the infamous Groom Lake AFB (aka Area 51). This map also includes the city of Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport, and Hoover Dam.

To put you in the NTTR mood, here are a half dozen of our favorite NTTR fan-made movies:

Also please note that both F-15C and A-10C Red Flag campaigns are available from our E-Shop

DCS: A-10C Video Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the A-10C in NTTR video contest! There were many great entries and we thank all participants for your videos. However, we had to pick just three and here they are:

Great job one and all!


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