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DCS: Fw 190A-8 Takeoff

The Focke-Wulf FW 190A-8 Anton leaves Early Access

Squadron Air to Air Leagues

SATAL - Watch or compete

The schedule

Matches can be found at The Merge on Splash One Gaming. All matches are currently set to start at 14:00 GMT on Saturdays of each week.

DCS World Events

In conjunction with Eagle Dynamics, Wild Weasel Apparel, and Tacview are proud to announce SATAL 2020. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship.

SATAL creates a structured league that concludes in a single-elimination tournament. SATAL will be more of a slow burn year-round competition. After all the excitement from last year, this is Squadron Air to Air leagues year two.

All streams will take place on DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel. After-action replays and highlights are available on Youtube.

Prizes and Sponsors

Will be announced soon.

Buy your favorite aircraft in the Stay At Home Event, join a squadron and get into the action in SATAL yourself!

DCS: Focke-Wulf 190A-8

The Shrike leaves Early Access

We are proud to announce the backbone of the Luftwaffe is moving out of Early Access. Over the past year, we’ve been working closely with the community to iron out bugs and create a list of sought after features.


The start-up procedure steps have been precisely tuned to take into account hot and cold weather conditions that require different priming techniques.


Over 10 different World War II bombs including SD 500s and 3 types of cluster bombs with different submunitions, which have been modelled to accurately represent attack capabilities. Additionally, W.Gr.21 rockets add the possibility for proper B-17 Flying fortress hunting.


The entire soundscape has been improved. Our sound engineers recorded real aircraft throughout the year to bring you the most accurate representation of fly-by, in cockpit, and engine start-up sounds available in any aircraft simulator.


A number of new skins have been added. This gives more flexibility when operating under different coalitions and inspiration for you to create your own.

A lot of bugs were fixed and new features added to the aircraft module; Major updates for cooling and oil systems. A jettisoned canopy can be repaired on the ground. The cockpit has proper lighting now. The circuit breakers and electricity consuming devices were improved for realistic behaviour. The repeater compass was fixed. The armored glass colour was changed according to real glass from the museum and the information from Erich Brunotte. The training missions were completely overhauled into more digestible chunks.

See the full changelog.

With the Wulf finally out of early access, we look forward to further improvements. Making the aircraft even more complex with the F-8 attack and G-8 light bomber variations.

AIM-120 development

Development Report

Last month we spent a lot of time on AIM-120 missile CFD research, in addition to our previous computation (which was primarily aimed at deriving accurate zero-lift drag).

We have obtained many other aerodynamic parameters such as pitching moment and normal force coefficients, damping moments etc. To ensure realistic maneuverability, plausible control and stability characteristics we performed more than 200 virtual wind tunnel tests at different control fin deflections and various Mach numbers and angles of attack. Below you can see screenshots from our software with computation result visualization.

Flight dynamics for AMRAAM are almost done and we will move on to autopilot development.

We make sure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding our work in progress, as always.

Yours sincerely,
The Eagle Dynamics Team